Bigfoot Encounters

Malo, Ferry County, Washington State 2005 - 2010

Hi my name is Mike; I live in the northern Ferry County, Washington.  I've lived in Washington State since I was I was four. I grew up in Spokane and age nine I always wanted to live in the woods.

I moved to the mountains of northern Ferry County Washington back in spring of 1996.  When I was growing up, I always heard of Bigfoot but never gave much thought about it, until march of 2005.  The things I'm about to write down took place between March of 2005 - May of 2010.

1) Back in March of '05 it was early march and kind of warm for early  March. I got up at around 1am to let some cool air in my room. As I stood at the window letting the air hit my face. I heard what I can only describe as a low moan-growl type of call coming from the hill in front  of the house I live at. It was a week later that I told my dad about it. In which he told me that it sounded like I heard a bigfoot.

2) Then in Feb. of '08 I was walking up on the hill where I heard the moan-growl. There was about 13 inches of snow at the time. I was walking the hill until I got above where my friend lives. I was coming around one hill to go up the next. I came on a trail coming from the other side of the hill I came from. As I was starting up the next hill, I took a close look at the tracks on the trail. I notice that the tracks on the trail were bare feet prints. I thought it weird that someone would be walking around in the snow without shoes or boots on. When it hit me that it had to be a bigfoot that made the tracks. I wasn't carrying anything to measure that prints, so I did the next best thing. I wear size 13 boots, so I put my foot next to one of the prints. It was about a 16 or 17 size foot, with about a four to five foot stride.
3) I like to take the back road home a lot during the spring & summer months. It was August 18th '08 about 8:30 pm when I was coming home on the back road. Since my other encounters I've stared to drive slower, in hopes of hearing the call again some day. As I was coming close to the hill where I heard it the first call. I heard from the hill just behind and to my left the some call as the first time. I stopped my truck to listen clearer to it. It went on for about four to five minutes.    
4) After my first three encounter I started to spend more of my free time walking the woods & going up to Mt. Leona. From late March to late May I've been going up every week or two to take a look around. Not much going on until late April. I was on a road I know pretty good. Back in '94 I spent alot of time on it fighting the Copper Butte Fire. Since then it has grown back pretty good. Well, I was back up the same road. I had gotten up to the second switch back. I was sitting there looking at the creek below when I heard some Whooowhip, Whooowhip, coming from the ridge across from me. First one from the top of the would call out Whooowhip to be answered from middle of the ridge by a couple of Whooowhips, then again answered from closer to the creek below by more Whooowhips.

I found after listening to the calls for awhile that there was two on
the top of the ridge. I left after about two hours from the time I heard the calls.  A week later that I would go back up to see if they were still up there. I had just gotten to the first switch back and thought I would get the ball rolling. So I let out a call like the ones I heard the week before. I had just did the call when from the switch back above me
heard a huge crack from something hitting a tree. I must say it startled me to have it happen that close to me. It was like it was waiting for me or something. Makes since, I had been going up there for almost every week from March to May.

Anyways that's my account of my encounters up to the present date.
I will keep going out in hopes to get them use to me. I hope to be able  to do what some have done in Africa with the mountain gorillas.     

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