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Disappearing Bigfoot?

Disappearing  Bigfoot?  I don't think so.  I was an avid hunter and trapper for over 30 years and have seen critters do some amazing things

Once I was working on a 20,000 acre Ranch and while I was putting out salt and mineral to about 300 cows in a 1,800 acre pasture I thought I heard shots and figured someone was trespassing on this large acreage.  I got my  field glasses out and climbed up on a ridge over looking a long valley.   After some searching I seen one of the largest white tail deer I have ever seen trotting down this valley with four hunters several thousand yard behind this deer walking toward it. 

As I watched, this deer laid down in some plumb brush and the hunters walked right past it, one within 20 yards.  After the hunters passed the deer got up and slowly walked the other way and out of sight.  If I had not seen this with my own eyes I would not believe a deer was that smart. 

I have had many varmints I was after just disappear in front of my eyes, but almost every time if I would go back to where I lost it and there was fresh snow that I could track them in, they just out smarted me. 

When I read all these UFO disappearing acts I don't believe these people know how fast an animal especially one as smart as we think the Bigfoot is can disappear.  I am not putting anyone down for their extraterrestrial sightings or beliefs, I have never had an experience myself but I am very open minded to these type of things.  I just don't believe Bigfoot has anything to do with that type of happenings.  I hope everyone keeps up the good work and reports any kind of sightings they have. 

Darrell N. Dawson, Madison, Nebraska

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