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Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada 1975

It was around 1975 and I was living in Milford Ontario at the time; I had a part time job at a nursing home near Lake Ontario.

It was a Saturday and I was working a 3:00 to 11:00pm shift and since it was such a warm and beautiful spring day, I decided to take my time and ride my bicycle to work.

The last jaunt to the nursing home was quite isolated with a small wooded area; and as I was riding by these woods I could see that the Trilliums were in full bloom, so I decided to ditch my bike jump the fence and pick some to take to work with me. I was so caught up in picking the flowers that each one I saw looked better then the next and did not notice that I was moving deeper into the woods. When all of a sudden I could feel someone watching me, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Knowing I was on private property, and that I was picking Trilliums (a no-no) And I was sure that the farmer had come to tear a strip off me.  

Slowly I lifted my head and was shocked to see an ape like human standing looking at me. I was frozen with fear, It was about 30-40 feet from me, and it was covered in dark brown hair and I would guess it be between 6 to 7 feet tall.

Finally my neck was released and without moving I slowly turned to see how far I was from the fence, road and my bike. Then turning back to face the creature, it was gone, I did a quick almost panicked search for it, and found him running from me.

With that the rest of my body was released and I was able to move with great speed myself…through the woods, over the fence, on my bike and when I got to the Nursing home I still had the Trilliums clenched in my hand.

When reflecting back on it I would add this, I don't remember any sound, or smell, and the animal, seemed more curious of me then threatening!  

I guess I was hoping after all these years, someone else may have seen one in this area and after hearing this would also share there story.   

Picton in Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada, 1975
Janis Devere

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