Bigfoot Encounters

Bigfoot in the Catskills...

Delaware County, New York

Back in the late 1970s, my parents purchased an old farmhouse that was built in 1880 in a town called South Kortright, NY. The house sat on seven acres of a beautiful valley in the middle of the Catskill Mountains.

The farmhouse was in disrepair when they purchased it, but over the years they fixed it up into a very comfortable weekend and summer retreat from the urban bustle of the New York City area, where we lived. The trip took three and one-half to four hours every Friday night, but my sister and I didn't mind it at all.

One night, after we arrived at approximately nine at night, my sister and I sat at the kitchen table eating sandwiches for dinner while my parents had cocktails in the front living room.

The kitchen was at the rear of the house and the windows faced a drop-off in the property which ran down to a clear running stream. As I was eating my dinner, I was gazing out the window. It was a dark, overcast and moonless October night.

As I turned my head from facing my sister, I looked out the window, which was twelve feet from where I was sitting, and there, illuminated from the light spilling out of the kitchen, was a huge, ape-like face staring back at me.

It had a broad, wide face, with no discernable neck and shoulders that spread out beyond the four foot wide window. The brow of the creature was heavy and I do not recall any expression on the creature’s face. It was clearly and most obviously a Bigfoot, but what was different from any description that I had heard before about a Bigfoot was that the hair of this creature was more orange-like, not brown or black.

At this point I yelled and motioned to the window and my sister turned and saw the creature as well. We both yelled for my parents, but when they got there, the creature was gone.

My father and I took flashlights and went outside to look for it, but the ground was too hard due to a cold autumn that year.

What we did realize, however, was that the creature would have to be over nine feet tall for its face to be visible through the window at the kitchen, since the basement level was exposed at that part of the house, as the farmhouse was built into a hill.

My parents never believed my sister and I, especially since the color of the beast was orange, but about two weeks later we read a local paper in which a farmer said he spotted a big hairy creature breaking into his henhouse and stealing chickens. The color of the creature's hair? Orange!


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