Bigfoot Encounters

Davis Lake, Washington State

From: Dave Mason
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999

I would like to say that I believe in the existence of bigfoot.  While I was camping at Davis Lake, WA northwest of Kettle Falls, in Washington State with my nephew and 3 teen friends I heard some strange noises while on the throne.  It was about 1am at this high mountain lake when I heard bushes rustling and a deep thump thump thump.  I estimate the sound to be about 100 yds. away.  A minute or two later I heard the same thing at about 50 yds. Now I was done with my job and stayed to listen further.  I heard these same three thumps and some bushes rustling a couple minutes later at probably 25-30 yds. 

I'm 38 years old and love tent camping and I'll admit I was getting pretty scared.  I ran down to the camp where my friends heard this too over the sound of a pretty good size campfire.  We hiked in that area during the afternoon the day before and it was so dense in there that we used fallen logs for sidewalks. The camp was about 25 yards away from the wooden single throne structure and we quietly looked and listened but heard no more and no one wanted to go down the hill with only a flashlight to see what it might be.   Do big foot creatures beat their chest?  I imitated this sound a couple days later in Spokane at work for a couple friends by dropping A 30 lb. cement fence pole footer on the moist ground and it was almost an exact match.  That area we were in I thought was to dense for cattle or large deer and it was after midnight.

My sister-in-law told me that her friends were up there one year in their pickup camper and were awakened by the camper rocking.  They looked out the small side window and saw the face of an obviously tall hairy creature she stepped back and they could see a juvenile about 50 ft behind her and they both calmly walked into the woods.  That must of been the ultimate rude awakening.  

To add further there was a news story which I missed about a recent sighting and a (close up picture) of Bigfoot.  It was on ch. 4 ABC news. I watched the evening news and it was all politics.  A guy at work saw the picture and one of the teens that was on the camping trip with me tried to call me but I was on line and have only one line on my phone so far.

Well thanks for your time, and will add more later. 
Keep on searching for the truth.  I'm sure they're out there.   

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