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Georgia couple face 9 foot tall, 500 pound Goliath on dark road....

North of Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia
The side road may have been Dockery Lake Road, or it may have been FS 654 which sits east of hwy 60N towards the Lake and camping area.

I want to tell you about an incident that happened a few months ago in fall, 2006 -- My girl friend and I were parked and had  some pretty heavy conversations. To brake free of the tension, I suggested we get out of the car and walk. I set the brakes on the truck and we got out, locked up and headed down the road hand in hand enjoying the crisp night air, she chattered on non-stop. There was a moon out, although I couldn't see it yet; we walked by flashlight.  Pretty soon I smelled a skunk. It got stronger and stronger but the smell changed to a rotten smell, maybe garbage that is hot and moldy mixed with a skunk spray. I thought a camper had left camp trash out or something.

We walked on a ways not wanting to meet up with the skunk, I suggested we turn back to the truck because we had gone around two bends in the road and couldn't see back. You know, that funny feeling you get when comfort and safety suddenly seem important, so we did about-face and headed toward the truck. That is when we saw this figure, man it was right out there in the middle of the road at a distance of the furtherest beam of the flashlight.  Talk about a David and Goliath sight, it was just standing there looking at us!!

I know you won't believe me if I tell you how tall that sucker was, but I am 6 ft 3 inches tall, played basketball with guys much bigger than me. I know this thing was at least 8, maybe 9 feet tall and must have weighed at least 500 pounds.  Just massive across the chest and biceps standing there in the middle of the road, it is true. The thing swayed, back and forth like the head of an owl when it's looking at something. You know how an owl moves its head side to side like that, back and forth? This thing did that, moved that way & in the flash light beam it had reflective eyes like dogs have. It never moved toward us, it stayed in place swaying. It took a minute to register, I stared back not believing my eyes and my girl freaked into scared yelling which really unnerved me, especially in the dark like that. Her scream also unnerved the Goliath for he or it turned and stepped off the side of the road, down over the embankment and out of flashlight range. One step, maybe two and it was gone just like that!

 Mind you now, to get to the truck, we had to walk passed that place in the road where this monster stood. How spooky is that? I was ready to cut & run the rest of the way to the truck, but my girl was terrified and couldn't make her legs move.

She was shaking and hanging onto me, which didn't help me, brave man that I am. So she gathered herself hanging onto me around the waist and I scanned all the area around us up ahead with the flashlight and told her to run, run fast, but I was literally dragging her with one hand and showing the light with the other. The way back seemed to take a long time, but it was only seconds because we hauled, got to the truck and dude, I couldn't make my keys work, I fumbled around for another few minutes trying to accomplish something between her screaming instructions and my back to the road which I didn't like.  Do you know how hard it is to unlock a car door with one hand on a flashlight, a woman hanging around your neck and keys in the other hand? Picture it.  

We didn't see the creature again, but we didn't stick around either, we moved like it was after us. I am telling you, these things are giants with a capital G and the sight alone is hard to figure. There is nothing in my life that prepared me for such a sight.  It still is like surreal to think about and it doesn't help when people laugh and think I'm nuts. I know what we saw.  

I own a business in town, we are successful business people and active in our community. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't refer to us by name or identification, especially my girl because she is on the board of education and if word got out, this wouldn't look good for her.

We don't expect anyone would believe this, nobody here abouts would. But we thought it ought to be reported.  

Just sign me Kiwanis in Georgia.
February 3, 2007

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