Bigfoot Encounters

Coshocton County, Ohio Saturday 9 October 2010

This happened in Coshocton County, Ohio off route 16 in the Wayne National Forest about 20 miles or so from Warsaw, OH.

Just curious on this matter because we may have seen what appeared to be the animal or creature in question but wish to remain unknown. All I can say at this moment is what my son and I saw
was very large and moved really fast across an open grain field, freshly harvested, as we were looking around the area to set up deer stands for the up coming season.  

This creature was about 5 to 6 acres from us when we cleared the tree line and it was walking towards us, in our direction.  It saw us momentarily then the thing let out a howl that I can't begin to describe; it was very loud.

It took about two more steps and then it bolted to our left and cleared this field faster than any animal I know. We were stunned, scared and ran back to our jeep and got the hell away from there fast.  

The date was Saturday the 9th of October, this creature had to be at least 6' 8" or taller; it had long brownish black hair all over its body and the smell it had can only be described as like death. It was a very harsh smell worse than skunk odor. We were headed into the wind, - as a hunter that's what you do when looking for a good game area when hunting deer as well as trails and access and food sources.

We could not tell if it was male or female as for how close maybe 100 to 75 yards away when we cleared the tree line, then that howl was so loud once it saw us, we were in full camouflage heavy woodland print military issue, as a marine I have never seen anything like that before.

The terrain was rolling hills, heavy to patchy woods, a few small creeks and ponds some farmlands and light to full harvested corn and soybean fields with large number of game trails - dear, rabbit, raccoons, squirrel, pheasant and other game animals.


Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010, 12:25 PM

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