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Grand Marais, Cook County, Minnesota 2011

Snowmobilers spot Sasquatch in Superior Nat'l Forest

My sighting occurred in Minnesota. The nearest city to the sightings is Grand Marais, MN.  The sighting was in the Superior National Forest on January 29, 2011 around 3:30 in the afternoon.  The area has many lakes and this sighting was near a tributary to one of the lakes.  The nearest road to this area is Gunflint Trail.  What I and my sister saw that day was incredible.  We were snowmobiling in the backcountry of northern Minnesota when my family and I were approaching a downhill section of the trail we were on.  There was a clearing on the hillside above us where there was a break in the trees. As I began my descent on the trail I happened to look up and spotted something in the clearing about 200 yards above me.  My sister and I were at the back of our group, so we both slowed to a stop to see what caught my attention.  When we looked at what I saw, we observed a tall manlike creature watching us.  It stood there for about a minute then reached up, grabbed a branch and walked off into the trees.

The creature we saw was maybe seven feet tall and was dark brown in color with darker areas around the face and chest area.  It had long arms and a very humanlike appearance with a high forehead area. We grew up in this area and know the local wildlife extremely well.  This is NOT a bear or moose!!! We have never seen anything like this before. My family has been somewhat skeptical about the sightings of these beings so when we saw it, it really frightened us.

Sorry, no photos because I was on a snowmobile and it is rather hard to carry a camera in an easily accessible place.  We circled around and could see large barefoot tracks in the snow.  The snow is so deep in Minnesota this year, so it was hard to get close enough to get any pictures of the tracks. But you could definitely tell that a two-legged creature passed through the area where we saw it.  I wish I had more evidence but unfortunately I never dreamed that I would ever see something like this, so it really stunned us.  My sister doesn't want to go there again but I would really like to go back in the summer to see if there is anything to be found.  This definitely made me a believer in Sasquatch.

We did not report it to any authorities for fear of being ridiculed.  My sister and I wish to remain anonymous for this same reason. But we would like the rest of our story to be shared so that others will know that they are not crazy if they see one of these creatures.

in Grand Marais, Minnesota
February 2011

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