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Cook County, Illinois 1975

I saw your website and the variety of stories you've collected. Let me know if this fits with any other reports you've seen.
Around 1975 when I was a boy, we lived in a (then) rural section of southern Cook County, Illinois (near Chicago). Our home was in a new subdivision that was adjacent to a dense cluster of trees, bushes and thickets. Our yard was fenced in...we had a large fence to keep our dog in the yard (she was a good fence jumper).
Around that time I was playing alone in the backyard. It was very quiet...I was making an insect zoo adding a bee to my collection. I went to the house and filled a bucket of water. I walked toward the back of the yard and heard footsteps in the bushes behind the fence. My first thought was that it was a neighbor spying on me. My bucket of water was going to be tossed on someone's head!
I quietly moved to the fence and peered into the bushes...I didn't hear or see anything. Suddenly I saw two tall ragweed stalks shake back and forth. Puzzled, I followed the stalks down to the ground.

Holding the stalks with its hands was a hairy three foot tall animal standing on its hind legs. I was shocked by how close I was to it and had not seen it and that it was staring right at me.
Instead of throwing the water at it, I dropped the bucket and ran. Shortly after that my father searched the area directly behind the fence to prove there was nothing there. No one saw it except me and I never saw it again.
We dubbed it the "weed monster" at the time. With the Bigfoot news this week, I thought to search for this "small ape man" and found your site. Have there been other reports like this? I noticed a "fence fiend" seen in central Illinois that sounded similar.
I am I can't say what color the animal's fur was. It was stout, had gray/pale eyes, flat face and blended into the brush. It was almost as though it could only be seen if it wanted to be seen. It was covered in hair and was bipedal. As an adult, I dismiss it as a raccoon...though that doesn't fit. I know what a raccoon looks like ...nor would a raccoon be watching a human and trying to get my attention.

Thanks, Dave A.
Date: Saturday, August 16, 2008, 8:31 PM

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