Bigfoot Encounters

Comment Edwards Air Force Base, California

My name is J. Brooks I came across the articles about the sightings on EAFB and my jaw dropped. I never imagined that someone would post those stories but I'm glad you did, I used to work at Edward's Air Force Base as a contract security police officer from Oct. 1988 to March of 1993.

I grew up in Victorville, California, before entering the Air Force as a Security Police Officer in 1983. I can't even begin to relate to you some of the things still going on out there at the rocket site or north base but your article was right on the nose!

The stories are still being told to new people about the sightings when they start to work there and several people have had sightings recently from keeping in touch with friends still employed there.

Thanks for posting the article I personally feel better after reading it. Also by chance did you ever come across any eyewitness reports of sightings down by 90th east and Ave. E? I used to live out there and would be very interested to hear of any reports in that area.

Thank you again, Received: from ( [])
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Salem, OR 97301

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