Bigfoot Encounters

Cleveland County, Oklahoma June, 2010

I'm not very good at writing but here goes: I live in Cleveland county, Oklahoma, and this is what happened to me, back in June of 2010 , I rented a place to some people that live about three places down from me, and when they moved in they were telling me about these big foot prints they were seeing by their place and I just didn't think anything of it well I just thought they were seeing something else , and so I forgot all about it, well I was over there helping put up fence so their horse didn't have to be in a little panel fence for winter so we were putting it up around hunting time when we were putting up the fence in the back just a little in the trees we were hearing tree branch braking in the deep ditch about 200 to 300 feet away, the kids said look there is something dark in the deep ditch so we looked but I didn't see anything but all through the putting up the fence for two days we heard it not paying to much attention to it thinking it was some deer or squirrel fox or whatever,  the only thing we had left to do was to put the gate on and it was getting late so we were going to do that the next day, the next day me and my friend went to town her husband was at work and her kids were at school so we were trying to get back before the kids got off the bus, well we pulled up to their place and the kids came outside as we were getting out of my truck it was about 5 or 5:30 day time was not dark at all.

We heard this God awful screaming sound coming from the beginning of the tree's at the fence line in the back were we had put the fence up at. At that split second I was thinking that two cats were up at the top of one of them trees and I said I'm going to run down there and scare them cats and the fighting, the only thing is I ran down there an stop right in my tracks!

At the fence, standing right in front of me was this BIG and I mean big and tall had to be about 8 or 9 feet tall brown, red kinky haired thing. It had to be a bigfoot. It had its back facing me and I stared at it and it took about 4 steps and it was gone big steps, and it pushed them trees with its arms like they were little twigs the trees were swaying back and forth. I was in shock my friend was right behind me and the kids were behind her and they seen the last half of it as it left they were saying follow it and I said go ahead I'm not, not knowing what to do about this we were just in awe so we called the sheriff and they came out and took our testimony and left, so far it has got all there chickens and the horse going crazy and running around pawing the ground and won't go to the back fence any more. My husband heard this scream one morning right in front of our house back in 2006. There is a telephone building and the thing came from behind it. My husband woke me up early one morning saying he was hearing bigfoot out there. I thought he just wanted to wake me up, but when I saw he was serious I ran outside on the porch and heard the last of the screams and put it of to being a big cat but now I know it was bigfoot because I heard it and we saw it.   

He or she for that matter was very tall, the head and body was very close together the hair was not straight and shiny but kind of kinky maybe a little curly and a red brown color broad shoulders long arms, stood straight up long legs. The footprints measured 16 inches.

I went back over there to make sure of my measurements and the footprints were 16 inches long and the space from one step to the next step was 21 inches. There are three different sizes of prints and that was just one. I should of put that in my report but I have the Texas researchers on the scene, because we were still having problems with them.

We think there is a family of them so we are not wanting to let anyone know the area in fear of killing them unless have to, I can draw a picture, hoping to get real ones I was never a believer until now, I won't go into any woods any more without a gun and someone else with me and I was never like that before.

January 10, 2011

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