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Clark County, Washington August 2006 

My brother-in-law and I were headed east on Lucia Falls Road NE when we saw something on our left, sort of like it might have been a shooting star. It was still light outside, but barely. He thought it might have been a light airplane crashing (he was a medic) so we pulled over to the side of the road and got out of the truck and listened, but heard nothing. No cries for help, no sounds of metal burning.....silence. 

This area is due south of the city of Yacolt and east of Lewisville, Washington, but only a stones throw from Moulton Falls State Park proper.

We had been over on Yacolt Mountain Road earlier and had come down this way via NE Kelly Road where it intersects with Lucia Falls road.  

Thinking we should help if it was a plane down, we worked our way through the brush and trees to where the railroad tracks parallel Lucia Falls Road and I told him one of us better run back and get a flash light in case it is a downed plane and somebody is hurt. He yelled he was going on ahead to see if he could find the source of the flash of light and look for survivors.

At this point I stopped and turned around real quick to race back to the truck.  I have a high powered spot light that is portable in the back and my mind was on hoping the batteries were still good.  

When I turned to make my way back to the truck, I could swear I saw a big man higher up on the road near the truck, just standing there, but I caught my foot, looked down for a minute to get a better grasp on where I was stepping and when I looked up again he wasn't there.  I called out to him but got no reply.  

Limping a little, I finally I got to the truck, the batteries were working fine and it was almost completely dark by this time. I grabbed my wife's cell phone off the seat, tucked it into my pocket, shoulder a loop of rope just in case and grabbed the lantern.  I don't remember seeing another car on the roadway there, but I remembered wondering where this man had come from that I had seen on my way up from below the apron of the road on my way up to the truck. He was no where in sight. 

I hurried on to catch my brother-in-law and wondered too where he was because by now I was barely finding my way and it was getting darker. I called out to him but no answer. 

I moved on slowly toward where I thought I had left him at the railroad tracks and looked both ways on the track but didn't see anything or my brother-in-law. I called out again and listened intently. There was no sound of anything, not wind, not crickets. So I cupped my hands around my mouth and called out my brother-in-law's name in both directions of the railroad tracks but I heard nothing, saw nothing and began to wonder if that man figure upon the road was him a few minutes ago but I couldn't figure how he would have gotten there from where I left him.  

I picked up a rock and placed it in a strategic spot on the rail of the tracks to mark where I should head for the road and began walking east on the railroad tracks aiming my lantern to the left and right of me looking for him. Now I'm thinking something happened to him because he wasn't answering.

Darkness fell quickly as I pressed on, uncertain I was going in the right direction of the flash we thought we saw.   I don't know how far I walked on those tracks but my ankle was beginning to hurt, so I stopped to loosen the strings on my shoe and call out for John again.

Still no answer and now I'm growing concerned. Should I go back and wait at the truck or press on? I listened but heard nothing but the sound of my own breathing. I checked my watch and it was already after eight in the evening. I called out for John again then turned to head back to the truck to phone home when I remembered I had my wife's cell phone in my pocket.  

The lantern scanned the tracks and terrain left and right of the tracks as I came back upon the marker rock I had placed on the rails. No sign of John but maybe he went in the other direction, I thought so I left the marker rock to the road and walked the tracks in the other direction for about 15 minutes calling out for him all the while. About the only thing I noticed was the "quiet."  Where was my damn brother-in-law?  

It's roughly 9 at night now and no sign of John but I didn't want to leave him behind. I sat down and pulled out the cell phone and dialed home. I tried to explain where I was and what had happened but I couldn't explain where John had wandered off too and I told the gals that I wasn't leaving here without him. Just as I was was about to hang up, I heard footsteps coming and the disturbance of gravel on the railroad ties.

I flashed the lantern around and down the tracks where I heard the footsteps and thought I saw John coming. "John?" I yelled out several times, then I told the girls he was coming and hung up the phone. 

John looked a mess, "where you been, buddy?" I asked.
He reached out and put his big arms around my neck and said he was glad to see me.
"I didn't know you went in this direction, Bud, where you been and what happened to you?"
He just hung on to me and said, "can we get me back to the truck right now."
I asked "are you hurt?" 
"No," John replied, "just scared shitless."
"What happened, you've been gone over an hour?"
We started walking back towards where I had the marker rock on the rails.
John sort of leaning on me, "man, you're not going to believe this."
"Believe what," I asked, "what the hells going on with you, Bud?"
"I saw something," he said "something huge."
"Yeah? What, is there a plane crash?" I asked.
"I got to sit down," he groaned, "my hearts coming out of my chest and man I didn't see any plane."  

We walk with arms around one another's shoulders 'til we got back to my marker rock to the road, sat down in the gravel and turned off the lantern. John sat there in the dark for a few minutes with his head down between his knees, trying to collect himself. He was visibly shaken.

He told me there was something out there.  He said, "Something man-shaped, very tall but looked like the thing had hair on it, then I lost enough light to tell much other than it stood off to the side of the tracks in a hulking manner, me facing it and it facing me for a long time, I heard it breathing, I swear I heard the thing breathing and I froze, man I just froze stiff, my mind shut down and I couldn't think what to do."  "I thought I was seeing things," he continued, "it was something nightmares are made out of and I don't recall I ever saw anything or a man that big before and I never want to see anything like that again. I started to back up and run but I couldn't see well, kept tripping on the rails, cross ties and such and falling down. I think I'm all skinned up, let's get home." 

Back home, he recounted the same story to the girls. He was all cut up on the knees, skinned up like and bleeding with one bad place on the side of his right rib where he said he fell on something, maybe a railroad railing or one of the ties.

My brother-in-law is a big man, tall and he describes this thing he saw as "huge and hairy." Then I started wondering about the dark figure I saw up on the road that I called out too when I went back for the flashlights. 

My son and I went back to the area the next morning and walked two miles in either direction but found nothing, no sign of any plane down, no fire, no nothing. From John's description, we thought maybe he had a meeting with a sasquatch, but we aren't sure. We never did know what the flash of light was.

Whatever it was scared him and he's a season hunter, son of a slew of seasoned hunters and he don't drink. So I don't know what he saw, I didn't see or hear anything other than the figure on the road but I believe my brother-in-law did and he believes it must have been a sasquatch.

That is the story little lady, and m'am you can do with it whatever you like.  My name is Marshall, I've live in this area all my life and so has my wife. This was a first 

August 2006
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