Bigfoot Encounters

Clackamas County, Oregon 1986

In 1986, I saw Bigfoot cross a small rural road, step over a wire fence, walk through a cleared area and disappear into the woods. At the time I lived two miles down the road in the rural Beavercreek, Oregon area, Clackamas County; about 15 miles southeast of Oregon City. 

It was early dusk, maybe 6:00 p.m., I was driving on Hult Road near where it dead ends into Unger Road. It is small and used mostly by it's few residents. It was a drippy Oregon evening and I was wearing a very light jacket, so it was cool but I cannot remember if it was spring or fall. The wooded property to the left is owned by my father, Joseph T. Low and the open and wooded property to the right by the neighbor, Herman Kloer. Both have occupied these areas for about 60 years. I was born there.

He (Bigfoot) was a beautifully graceful “animal.” There is a small creek that runs from my dad's land and on through Herman's land. He seemed to come from the creek, emerge from the undergrowth, crossed the road and broke stride to step over the wire fence. He was in a hurry, like he had been caught after curfew. His stride was long and he moved in a graceful rhythm. When I saw movement by the road, I immediately took my foot off the accelerator preparing for deer movement. As he crossed the fence, I was barely moving and slammed on the brake to watch and stay out of the way. 

I do not know the distance but I must have seen about 8 to 10 strides. He raised a branch on a Douglas Fir tree when he entered the woods and as he did, he looked back over the right shoulder. I could see part of part of his face. He seemed to be checking on my reaction, whether I moved to the car or out of the car. He knew he had been seen. I was frozen and I did not mention it to anyone for about 5 years. When I did, I found that Herman has said to have had several encounters.

I have just watched another one hour Sasquatch program that showed the famous film several times. I have these comments:

He was more upright and more graceful in his movement.

He did not bend his knees as much and had a stride more like a tall, well balanced basket ball player.

His arms were long and they swing far forward and back.

He had a beautiful rhythm. 

His hair was long but smooth and not as dark as the film seems to show. 

His ratio of height to body was taller than in the film.

His legs were longer and his shoulders were huge.

On highway 26, which ends at the Oregon Coast is Camp 18, A huge log cabin restaurant. There are two big wood carvings of Bigfoot around the corner from the entrance. I have been there several times but did not remember seeing them before last summer. Maybe I always parked at a different angle. One of them looks much like the figure in the film, but the other one is taller and made me gasp! He is so similar to someone else saw the same one I did. I think I said at the time his legs were not long enough, but of course, no one wanted to have a conversation about it. I also saw small figurines in a gift shop on the way to Mt. St. Helens that were the same configuration in the legs, head, arms and the neck area. But they showed him blacker and his face a light color. No! He was uniform. The shop has many depictions, most were the stockier and rough-haired shape, and some were mean.

I do not know who had the biggest surprise. I think we were equal. He seemed “kind” but not sociable; he was real. I was on the way to pick up my 6 year old daughter a half mile away at my parents house and I was fully alert. That was 20 years ago and I am sticking to my story!

This story was forwarded by long time Bigfoot investigator, Jeanette Johnson and filed with Bigfootencounters Dec 2, 2009

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