Bigfoot Encounters

A Short Story about Bigfoot eating peach pits and all...
Clackamas County, Oregon

Rob Butler wrote on November 11, 2007:

"When I was about ten years old, that would be 1975, I was really into bigfoot. My mom's boss "Eva" came to work and told her a bigfoot story which she had to tell me. It took place about four miles from our home in Clackamas, Oregon."

"The people in this tale had a filbert orchard that bordered a fairly dense forest. Eva had set out a basket of peaches on their back porch. When she went to get the peaches the next day, they came up missing. Her husband, Louie, found tracks from the woods through the orchard leading to and away from the house. Louie said they were large human-like tracks and the next day he found a large pile of droppings (scat). He examined the droppings and found peach pits mixed in...that convinced me bigfoot had been there and taken the peaches. They fought hard to come up with a better explanation, but could never come up with one."

"Now the area is a huge house development and there is no way a bigfoot would be in that area. But in 1975....maybe!!"

November 11, 1975 story for Bigfoot Encounters dot com courtesy Rob Butler

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