Bigfoot Encounters

1960's Clackamas County, Oregon Region

A story by Cliff Olson, Oregon
Trail Blocking or Bigfoot herding behavior...

I hesitate to call this story 'bluff-charging' - to me it is more like 'herding' or for lack of a better word, 'trail blocking' behavior; but I'll relate the story and you judge it. It's a great story and it is true told by veteran Bigfoot Investigator, Cliff Olson... Bobbie Short

This story was told to senior investigator from Oregon Cliff Olson by the Estacada Police Chief's son Robin as he sat in the dining room doing homework. Young Les told his dad Bob what had happened to him and his friends up the Clackamas River. This all came down some years before the 1967 Patterson Film was taken. It was a time when the Mt Hood National Forest was logging big time, which caused a great deal of Bigfoot activity due to the disturbance.

Les K. was Public Work's foreman for Estacada, Oregon. This particular Saturday he planned to take his kid fishing on the North Fork of the Clackamas River above Estacada; they loaded up and headed out. He didn't want to hike up stream to his favorite fishing area so he chose to drive up Ladee Road and hike a trail to the canyon breaks and then down slope to the North Fork and spend the day fishing.

They drove to where they could take a trail to the breaks and headed toward the canyon, they parked about 1/3rd of a mile from the lip of the canyon and then down slope another 1/2 mile or so to the stream. They hiked through the heavy timber almost to the breaks where they saw the timber thinning they knew there were almost there.

Suddenly a very large male Sasquatch stepped out onto the trail just in front of them and just stood there glaring at them. The appearance of the creature and its huge size sent the kids into hysterics; they had been in the lead on the trail and just that quick they were behind their Dad, screaming and hollering and tugging on his clothes scarred to death.  The creature just stood there as Les struggled with himself and his kids to gain some composure and head them back up the trail.

As they were about to head back up the trail to the car the creature started walking toward them adding to their need to vacate the area. The children wouldn't head out by themselves; instead they just clustered near their Dad slowing their progress on the trail. The Sasquatch advanced on them to the point that Les in his fright and concern using the only tool he had - a 7 ft. fly pole - shaking the tip of the rod in the creature's chest as he walked backwards up the trail. He continued this until the creature stopped, which was just a few feet from their pickup truck. The creature stood there as they clambered into the truck and left.

Les drove straight home dropped off this kids then drove to the Police Chief's home to tell him what he had just experienced. Bob W. could tell Les was really rattled and had him sit down. Les was not a drinking man; a complete tea totaler but when Bob W. offered Les a drink to settle his nerves, he took a big one. (Cliff Olson, Oregon)

Incredibly, this is a true story and in the process of relating the story to me, Cliff figured the big hairy guy was probably a guard for his family or others that were somewhere on the canyon slope picking berries, gathering roots or perhaps fishing. He did not want the anglers in his area and meant them no harm if they left …that was obvious. I'd call his behavior in ushering them back to the vehicle, unusual, thanks to Cliff for relating this remarkable story. 2010


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