Bigfoot Encounters

Caribou County, Idaho - late 1960’s

A friend of my wife told us about one of their friends, who had an encounter. I got in touch with him and he agreed to relate his experience. I was very interested since it occurred in my "backyard", in Sulphur Canyon, off the Caribou Basin, South of Soda Springs, Idaho. (County graphic below)

It was mid-to late-November of 1967 or 1968. He was on a late deer hunt with some companions on snowmobiles. Heavy snow was falling, but it was calm. The man had shot a deer and was dragging it back to the snow mobile when across the canyon he could just make out a figure coming down the slope about a 1/4-mile distant.

He thought it was his friend ("a big guy") coming to help with the deer. It continued to approach and he left the deer laying in the snow to walk down to meet his friend. The figure didn't seem to notice him until
it was within about 35 yards. Then it saw him and stopped with a look of surprise and an "oh-shit" expression on its face.

It had human-like features and a look of intelligence, "not like going to the zoo and looking at a monkey." It stood very erect, was 6.5 to 7-feet tall and was covered with a silver-coyote-colored fur about 3 inches long, longer on the backs of the arms.

He felt no threat from the creature and both turned and retreated out of sight. He  emphasized that he has spent a lot of time in the woods and he knows what he saw.

Posted to Henry Franzoni’s old IVBC by Jeff Meldrum,: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 8:13:04 -0600, MDT

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