Bigfoot Encounters

California Caribou Wilderness Area, tracks found...

Plumas County, California
Caribou Wilderness Area, 9 miles North of Chester, California
Due East of Lassen Volcanic National Park.
June 10, 1998

I am an 25 year experienced outdoor worker with the California Forestry Service.

I   smelled a strong odor, not a rotting carcass smell, but a sickly sweet and somewhat garlicky smell.  I looked around for the source of the smell but could not locate anything. In the same area I heard a screeching vocalization.  It was not an animal growl, or raptor screech. 

I am familiar with bear and mountain lion sounds.   This was not any sound I recognized.

Footprints were found around the area where   I ate lunch earlier.  The ground was hard and rocky so I could not positively identify the tracks, but I am certain they were not bear tracks.  The tracks were approximately 14 inches by 6 inches. The odor, sounds, and footprints were unknown to me. That is why I am making a report. 

The area was densely forested with numerous small lakes and rock outcroppings with rolling terrain.  It is a wilderness area with no roads or structures within several miles.

The forest type is Red Fir/Lodepole Pine with Pinemat Manzanita,  approx 1/4 mile south of a maintained hiking trail. 

Location is Township 30 N. Range 7 E. SE of Section 20, MDBM. just south of Evelyn Lake. 

Approximately 4 miles by trail from trailhead.  Nearest dirt road is one mile south.  One party on horseback was about an hour ahead of me.   

As I was leaving the area 2 hikers were hiking to Evelyn Lake for a camping/fishing trip and you could hear they were loud talkers with a boom box.   

I am sure anything in the area heard them a long way off. 

Dave (name and email addressed withheld)

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