Bigfoot Encounters

Camden County, Camdenton, Missouri

May 18, 2012 -- A few weeks ago me and my dad, and two brothers went camping in Camdenton, Missouri. We were just messing around and having a good time. The second night around 5 in the evening we decided to cook up some bacon and eggs for dinner. We were being loud, laughing and talking. Once it got a little bit later and the sun was beginning to go down, we were keeping the fire going and everyone was around the fire. It was then we heard something moving around in the woods.

Assuming it was like a raccoon or a deer or something; we shone our flashlights into the woods but didn't see anything at first. The woods were too thick and dark to see anything clear. We followed it down through the woods where we heard it run. It sounded like a two-footed animal. We got into the van and drove down to where we heard it walking in the woods next to someone else’s camp (no one was staying there at the time). We turned the car off and turn the lights off and we could hear it shuffling in the woods but still did not see it.

We went back to our camp and just talked it over agreeing that it could be a bear. No way it would be Bigfoot. We got the fire going to keep animals away. About 45 minutes later we heard it walking nearby again. My dad flashed his light over there and decided to get a gun to protect us if it tries to attack. However it did not. It never showed itself. We got a little worked up about it being in the woods if we were to be sleeping in a tent. So we packed up and headed home.
I still wonder what it was.
Could it of been Bigfoot?
I don't know what I think it was....
Signed EH

May 2012

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