Weaverville, Trinity County, California

A young grocery clerk in Weaverville; Trinity County took me to a point at which he came upon a light-colored Sasquatch during the winter of 1994. It was not far from the Big Bar Ranger Station where he and his girl-friend used to park and neck after work. Engaged in some heavy petting, they were interrupted by the rocking motion of his Chevy Camaro. They looked around, thinking it was one of their friends or other kids screwing around with them, but the windows were pretty fogged up; there was little visibility. Determined to confront the intruder, the young fellow bounced out of the Camaro screaming “knock it off,” in a most assertive tone only to find himself face to face in the pitch dark with a hulking figure he described as a bit taller than he was. Stunned, the kid backed up into the open car door unable to move. He said the Bigfoot with his left fist wailed on the roof of his Camaro, beating it at least three times but barely denting it. “I heard it breathing, man I’m tellin’ ya it was alive, scary shit, I heard it breathe!”

The informant called to his girl-friend inside the car, in what she later described as 3 octaves higher than his usual voice, telling her to lay on the horn!! Upon hearing the sound of the horn, the Sasquatch side-stepped backing away from the car and stared at the kid. “I couldn’t see his eyes or facial features, but it was clear he was facing me and looking at me, even as dark as it was, he was only lit up by the car door light.” The terrified kid said he got in the car, locked the doors, started the engine and did a quick U-turn on Big Bar Dump Road. Amazingly, he said the Sasquatch followed them, up the road where it turns onto Corral Bottom Road keeping pace with the car for several hundred feet before trailing off where they could no longer see it.

I spoke with the two informants at JC Café in Junction City for more than two hours. Their account never wavered and they still showed great fear in recalling the event. The female witness never actually saw the creature but she heard its raspy breathing. It was evidently too dark to get much of a description other than what he could see of the creature illuminated by the Camaro’s door light. He knew right away what he was looking at but in the shock of the moment, he was able to distinguish little.

Responding to my question, “Did you see a reflection from its eyes in the car light?” …he replied there was no color or light emitted from its eyes. There was no smell from the creature and he could not tell if it was male or female only that it was this humongous dark towering image that he could hear breathing quite heavily and with angry intensity. He said it kept pace with his Camaro to “about 20 mph,” then it trailed off but he wasn’t sure of his speed. His girl-friend, amazed by it all only saw a blurred image through foggy windows. A happy ending to this story though, the young amorous couple are now married and expecting twins.

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