Bigfoot Encounters

Calhoun County, Arkansas
Fall, 2007

Nearest city or town: Not disclosed.
Map Location: (GPS or township/section coordinates if known): Known but not included.

Nearest Highway or Road: Not disclosed.

General Land Use Description: Much of the property is covered by hardwood timber, with pine plantations in the areas suitable for that purpose.There are some old, previously cultivated fields that are now overgrown in vines and brush. The lower areas of the property are subject to frequent flooding.

General Terrain Description: Bottomlands in the drainage basin of a large creek that empties into the Saline River about three miles east of the sighting location.

Nearest Lakes or Streams: There are numerous smaller creeks, small swamps and many marshes in the general area.

Activities of witnesses prior to the encounters: The witness was deer hunting from a “box” stand that was elevated 6 or 8 feet off the ground. The structure was built with two windows which offered a view of a “four-wheeler” trail that lay nearby. The witness was aware of well used game trail that crossed the ATV trail about 75 or 80 yards from his “stand”. Both sides of the ATV trail were bordered by thick brush and vines. He was paying close attention to the area of the game trail crossing. From his position while viewing the game trail crossing, there was a creek to his right, although he could not see the creek because of the high vegetation alongside the ATV trail.

Details of Encounter / Incident: The witness said that as he watched the game trail crossing, be suddenly detected a “rotten egg” smell. He decided the breeze must have changed direction and was carrying the odor from a paper mill located several miles away. A few minutes later, a doe deer came out of the brush from the creek bottoms. The deer was walking at a normal pace. It crossed the vehicle trail and disappeared from his view in the thick vines and brush to his left. About five minutes after seeing the deer, he noticed that the “rotten egg” smell (the witness was aware that what he was smelling was a sulfide odor) suddenly became very strong. As he watched, a large, hair covered, human-like creature stepped out of the brush and momentarily stopped beside the ATV trail. The creature was using the same game trail that the deer had used.

The witness was mystified and stunned at what he was seeing. He stated, “The hair on my neck was standing up as I watched the thing standing there. I though for a second it was an upright bear, but I quickly realized it was not a bear or any other animal I had ever seen.”(The witness stated he has hunted bear.) As the creature stood very briefly beside the ATV trail, it never turned to look up or down that trail. Its eyes and attention were fixed on the game trail on the other side of the ATV trail. It then stepped across the ATV trail and followed the game trail (and the doe deer) into the brush.

Although it was already getting dark, the witness stayed in the box stand for another 10 or 15 minutes before getting down and hiking back to camp. He said that he never considered shooting the creature, and gave it plenty of time to leave the area so that he would not encounter it as he walked out. He said that, given the creature’s size and mass, he was not sure one shot would bring it down if it charged him. The witness no longer hunts in that area.

Description of Animal: The witness stated the animal was about eight feet tall. When standing and walking it was on two feet, and its arms were swinging as it moved. He said that its head was somewhat ape-like, and the head and body were covered in brownish-black hair that was two or three inches long, except that it appeared part of the facial area was bare. He said he could not actually see much of the face as his only view was from the side. He said the chin area was covered in beard-like hair that was noticeably longer that the other hair. The creature’s neck was hardly visible.

He said the animal’s upper body was massive and very muscular. When asked specifically, he said he saw no breasts. He then stated that he saw no genitalia either. He said the body was not tapered to the waist, and that the creature appeared to have a somewhat full belly. Its arms appeared to be longer in proportion to its overall height than a human’s. He stated the creature’s legs were also large and muscular, but that they appeared undersize when compared to its upper body’s mass.

Description of relative sounds: The creature made no vocal sounds, and did not make any sounds as it moved through the brush and vines along the game trail.

Description of Related Scents/Odors: Strong sulfide odor similar to that of a rotten egg.

Other Reports From This Area? There have been numerous reports of the sightings of these creatures along the complete length of the Saline River and its forks that head in the Ouachita Mountains. There have also been sightings of the creatures several miles from the river along the major creek that feed it. Some of those reports are posted on this and other web sites. The writer has gathered several more reports from these areas that have not been published. He is preparing another such report at this time.

Tal H. Branco, The RFP Research Project, December 28, 2009

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