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Caddo County, Carnegie, Oklahoma 2003

Caddo County, Carnegie, Oklahoma

Here's a second hand story: I don't live in Anadarko, Oklahoma anymore, but some Indians know of an old women that feeds a sasquatch. She lives out in the country in Carnegie, Oklahoma.

When I worked at Wal-Mart in Anadarko, she would come in shopping. The woman bathes in Lysol because that protects her with the creature. She has a large pole that she uses with a ladder to hook his food up for him to eat.  I was told that is why she smells like Lysol; the Indians told me about this.  I'm sure they don't report it because the creature is her pet.

I don't drive through Apache, Oklahoma at night because of this reason. I was also told of many sightings of the creature as I was growing up. I went to Indian Pow Wows and I heard talk of plus we would go to the country to drink beer and we would hear strange sounds all the time. I don't know the Indian woman's name anymore

Monday, September 22, 2003

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