Bigfoot Encounters

"Creature spotted at a Secluded Cabin in SW Virginia"
by Neal Everett 

My family owns a small, secluded cabin in southwest Virginia. This past summer we decided to spend around three weeks there. The cabin has electricity and running water, but no TVs or computers. The third day of our visit, the nearest neighbor (a cattle farmer who lives about two miles down the road) came up to our cabin and informed us that during the past two weeks that some of his cattle have been slaughtered and basically mutilated. There are foxes and wolves in those hills, and occasionally a small black bear, but nothing that could do this much damage and over such a spread out time. He asked us if we had seen anything and told us to keep our eyes open if we saw a rabid fox, wolf, bear or any other animal that could possibly have done it. We told him we would and he thanked us and left.

The next five or six days passed uneventfully, but around a week after the farmer came to our house, we experienced something. That day we BBQed hot dogs and hamburgers and had a small party with some close friends, but none of them stayed the night. Around 11:30, my wife and I decided to go to bed. We slept peacefully until about 3:45 when there was a loud crash outside, and our dog started barking furiously. I didn't have a rifle or any other type of weapon, so I decided to cautiously proceed downstairs and turn on the floodlights around the cabin. The switch to the lights was outside on the deck of the cabin, so I proceeded out there and turned them on.

What I saw next still baffles me. At my truck there was a creature standing upright, about 7 feet tall with huge claws on its "hands." It had white hair that was almost gray, but I couldn't really see its eyes. It seemed to be searching around the bed of my truck and was paying no attention to the now-frantic dog. When the lights first came on, it did nothing but continue its search, but it then looked up at the deck.

By now I was frozen in horror and it turned around and made eye contact with me. It then made a horrible screeching sound, almost as if it was in terror from the sight of me. At first it seemed as if it was going to charge at me and climb the steps onto the deck. But then in a terrorized rage it made another screech and "sprinted" away. It ran upright and its claws almost went past its knees.

The next day, we left the cabin and reported what we saw to the local deputy. He dismissed it as nothing more than a bear and said we should not concern ourselves with backwoods business.

by Neal Everett

Source: Stephen Wagner's About dot com creature stories

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