Bigfoot Encounters

Butte County - Oroville, California 1969

Out-take from "Weird California" by Mark Moran, Joe Oesterle, Mike Marinacci and Mark Sceurman. . .
under the chapter "bizarre beasts:"

The Big Hairy Man of Cherokee Road

Charles Jackson and his son Kevin got the shock of their lives on the afternoon of July 12, 1969. They were at their home on Cherokee Road in Oroville, well south (east) of Bluff Creek, but not very far from the Plumas National Forest. Father and son were working peacefully in their backyard, burning rabbit entrails, when a huge apelike creature loped out of the woods and stopped to stare at them.

The beast was seven to eight feet tall, had large breasts and was covered with 3-inch-long gray hair except on its hands and face. The Jacksons, only 15-feet away at the time, said that after it spotted them, it walked up to the outhouse, looked around and suddenly ran back to the woods.

Another Cherokee Road resident had a run-in with the "ape-man" around the same time as the Jackson incident.

For weeks, Homer Stickley's farm had been haunted by something that screamed in the woods at night and stole apples from his trees. Then one moonlit night, Stickley saw the culprit, a tall hirsute, two-legged creature that walked through a nearby meadow, pausing to stand by a stump.

By September, at least a dozen people had reported giant ape-like things running around Oroville, but the Cherokee Road sightings remained the most documented and credible of the lot. Six years later, people were still seeing the beasts and finding their huge footprints in the area, but the creatures remained at large. By then, Oroville had established itself as another home of North America's most famous land monster, Bigfoot.

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