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Lake night Stench
Bucks Lake, Plumas County, California 1996

While talking to a good friend a few days ago she mentioned how her daughter had found a bigfoot cake online. This stirred up memories of an encounter I had when I was at Bucks Lake, Plumas County, CA , 17 miles southwest of Quincy about summer 1996. I have never shared this experience for fear of ridicule.

I had taken my sons and nephew on a summer camping trip to a beautiful, semi-isolated destination at an elevation of 5,200 feet.

One night I woke up in our tent some time between 1:00 and 4:00 am to a most horrible rotten egg smell! At first I thought someone had broken wind, then when I looked up, there was a large shadow over my tent between us and the moon.

Upon opening the front flap and looking out toward the back of the tent. I observed what I thought was a man from another camp site walking by.

I then noticed he was very large, tall and fluffy and wondered why someone would be wearing an unusual garmet.

Being down on the ground and looking up it was huge, but I had no way to figure out the height of it. Never did I feel afraid or threatened during the encounter.

I never thought at the time it was Bigfoot because I never believed there was one. I was very tired and only on reflection did I figure out what I really saw.

The smell left when it did. I just didn't correlate it with the Bigfoot at the time. I never made eye contact with the creature or told anyone about my experience until my friend called. She encouraged me to tell my story.

That's my story believe it or not!
A. Hart
Source: Ryan L., Utah

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