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Buckhorn Lake, Valley County, Idaho 2004

Bossburg tracks may be more famous because the one track appeared cripple, but those thousand track imprints wandering all over the hillside there in Bossburg, Washington were not the only multiple footprint sighting.

I found a report by Russ Gebhart that was subsequently sent to John Green in 1968, forty years ago this month recorded in Valley County, Idaho. Gebhart took a statement filed by Bill Kankas of Donnelly, Idaho.

Kankas reportedly found tracks while he was hunting the Six Mile ridge near Buckhorn Lake, Idaho... His statement said
he saw about 250 yards of footprints coming up and crossing the ridge in about an inch of fresh snow.  The barefoot tracks were a little larger than his boots with a 3.5 to 4 foot stride.  His father saw them too and the next day his mother saw them.  Kankas' father thought they were Bigfoot tracks showing a barefoot with 5 toes in the snow although he had not believed there was such a thing as Bigfoot prior.

That was forty years ago but the pattern apparently continues. In more recent times, Cee Cee and Foster McDonald told a hunting story through her brother - they were hunting on a clear, crisp 38 degree sun shining morning in the same area around Buckhorn Lake, Idaho when they encountered two sets of shoe-less 5 toe-tracks (no claws, no shoe marks).

They were sure these tracks were not bear; the desolate area and the barefootedness of the tracks piqued their curiosity, so they followed what appeared to be a two legged something. Barefooted in weather this cold, they could not imagine.

The first one found was a barefoot track in snow that was barely 6 inches by 3.5 inches wide, a flat foot showing no arch and foot to foot about 12 inches between footprints, each one a barefooted imprint, which seemingly wandered around aimlessly in a circle in about one to two inches of remaining snow and two places where the snow was disturbed enough to make them think whatever it was fell down, leaving small 5 fingered hand prints and small legs dragged through the snow like a child. Some of the tracks looked like it walked on its toes, only the ball of the foot and 5 toes showing.

"Then we found a larger imprint that joined in the smaller footprint also going in a circular motion," Foster said. Cee Cee measured those tracks at approx 14.5 inches but might have been more like 15 inches, showing 5 toes together in a slant with a four foot to approx 52 inch stride. The larger track was also flat as a pancake on the bottom and those tracks seemingly followed the tiny tracks. Some of the tracks looked like a jump because there were two footprints together hopping and those measured approx 40 inches inbetween jumps. (They had nothing with which to measure accurately, so they used the 36-inch belt that held up Foster's trousers)

Curious, the couple followed the tracks up toward a rocky outcropping near the saddle of the ridge that overlooks Buckhorn Lake. The tracks left the snowy ground and went up over some boulders and came down near the mouth of an rocky overhang where they could clearly see somebody sat down and either took shelter there or rested.  The overhang was part of a rock with an indentation that was more a hollowed out place in the boulder as opposed to a cave that became dark. The area inside the hollowed out place had a dirt floor that was well lit and faced downhill more or less looking at Buckhorn Lake if you stood up.

Cee Cee said the interior had a slight odor, the only thing she could equate the smell with was the smell of a gutted elk, which she said was not really offensive but it provided them with the notion that something had been there and been there recently. They found the dismembered head and ears of a  snowshoe rabbit. They also found many hare tracks up on the ridge.

The barefooted tracks outside this shallow inlet led out of the hollow and seemed to head back down to the lake again.

Half-way down the incline the smaller track was no longer visible, the larger footprints continued to the Lake. The larger track continued on around from the lake and into a heavily wooded area beneath the lake. They followed no further.

"This was no small area," Cee Cee said, "it was dotted with pines, but a fairly open area." They decided to stay and watch the area with binoculars, looking all around the lake but could see nothing, there was no game, it was desolate & quiet except for an occasional bird chirping.

They stayed in the area until afternoon but they never saw what made the tracks; Foster figured the tracks were no more than an hour old; he also said there must have been several hundred tracks meandering all around the hillside by Buckhorn Lake, but they didn't think to count the tracks and only recently did it occur to them to report it.

The area is just under 7000 ft altitude, is strewn with large boulders, pines, conifers and other trees along with open meadows to and from the ridges and from the lake.  

(I am CeeCee's brother)
Submitted April 2004 - WA.
This would be the second multiple track report in that area in 36 years...

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