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Braxton County, West Virginia 1978 near Burnsville...

At 53 years of age now I can still recall an encounter while bow hunting near Burnsville, West Virginia; it was around 1978 on Oil Creek in Braxton County.  

My in-laws had a small farm they recently purchased for hunting and raising a few beef on. I was on the top of the ridge which had been cleared for field for hay and I was walking along the dirt road on top to return back to camp which was at the bottom of the ridge in the head of the hollow. I could not never forget what I was about to see. Looking out way ahead about 250 yards on a point toward the small bushes there was something very large and black laying in around the bushes with knees and up head down just off about 40 yards from the edge the wood line.  

Not sure of what I was seeing I watched just a short spell and it got up just like humans do as they get up from the ground. Now that it was up I could see it was quite large and then it started toward my direction around to a small bowl near an apple tree and small wood shed. And during deer season this just does not happen as I thought it to be some kind of a prank like people play so I shout at this creature saying hey it's not good to be out here dressed up like that during hunting season waving my bow.  

Now around the apple tree and shed I determined this thing is at least 9 foot tall walking in a stride of at least 5 foot a step at a time. I yelled and waved and it as it kept coming closer as if I was not even there. And then I saw its face an awful sight to see as I can still remember to this day the length and the deep black leathery look of its face, I'll not ever forget it. 

Then I turned down hill and ran not looking back until reaching the camp at the base of the ridge and about collapsed.  

Not like some people I will no joke about this for what I saw was real and from the look of that face I could not imagine it friendly by no means, but I was not going to take the time to find out either . And I have never been back to that area to hunt.

I have no idea how it goes undetected for the size it is, but it is real and it looks very mean! I did not smell it as the wind may have been going away from me.

I have spent time taking pictures out on the hills around home and enjoying hunting but now I always carry at least a hand gun when ever I walk around now because I can't run like I use too folks. And if you had seen what I encountered you would take precaution and safety while you enjoy your time in the woods.

Yes, it has been a long time since that day but it will not leave my memory even though it has been several years since I saw this creature. I believe after someone has seen such thing in real life it becomes unforgettable.  

The creature was laying down in a similar way such as a human would with its knees up and its body flat to the ground. And for its body I seen it all clearly as it made its way toward me. I had nothing between myself and the creature except field grass mostly. I saw a long face like dark leather with deep bold cracks with hair surrounding, its hair was black about 4'' long covering the body. But there was something I noticed around the top of the shoulder area its hair stuck out further than the rest. I have seen sketches and clips of what other people have seen but the face of this creature was long and brutal looking, a very mean look in its face. I was never more afraid as I was then in my whole life, I knew instinctively to run. You just can't forget something like this and I'm sure others feel the same way that has had an encounter with this creature; some will not speak of it.  

Thanks for your time and I hope this helps you get a better feel for what I had seen that day.

Doug Harless
Filed March 31, 2010

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