Bigfoot Encounters

Blount County, Tennessee, Fall 2010

Not a sighting… a strange vocalization

This account took place sometime in late September or early October of 2010 in Blount County Tennessee. I would also like to point out that this is a second hand story that my dad told me the day after it happened.   

First, I would like to tell you the type of man my dad is, as I believe every word that he told me.  He is in his late 50's and he is not the type to tell tales, unless he tells you the truth about the fact that he just told you a tale; ex-military man. I have never known him to tell a lie as long as I can remember. He is also somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to Bigfoot, Aliens or things of that nature. A real “See it to believe it” kind of guy and has never had a reason to believe in Bigfoot, but still has always entertained the possibility that a Sasquatch or whatever could be possible. He has a small ranch with horses and the closest neighbor lives roughly ¼ mile away. He has lived on his property since 1986 and often walks the property at night to clear his mind or maybe he is just thankful to still be able to walk it. Who knows? And as far as I can remember, he has never taken any type of gun with him when he walks his property at night.


He and my mom live very close to the Smoky Mountains National Park. Much of his land is open fields in the front of his house. Off to the South, Southeast and Southwest are big hardwood trees, dense brush and mountainous terrain.  To the East is a Wildlife Refuge and more mountainous terrain. The refuge has been there about 10-12 years now and in the last 2-3 years, allot of wild game has frequented his fields and yard. A man could easily take a turkey out with a ball baring and a flip while setting on his front porch. It's nothing to see 4 or 5 deer in the driveway on any given day. Folks that we know have spotted a Black Bear or two hanging out in the area as they have driven by his house. The road that passes their house is well traveled, even though they live out in the sticks. About 300 yards from his back porch the road has a sharp curve as it goes up or down a hill (depending on the direction you are going). Then when you get out of the curve coming from the South, you have no choice except to pass his house if you are in a car, truck, etc.... I am only giving you these details because they play into the events that happened.


He was setting on his porch one night listening to the critters that make the woods seem to come to life, when he heard what he thought was the beginning of the tires on a car screeching around the curve behind the house coming from the South. Usually when he hears this sound, he is on ready to call 911 because it means a car has gone too fast and has either flipped or ran off in the ditch and hit a tree. He said the sound kept getting longer and louder till it was at the point that it couldn't have possibly been a vehicle that made this sound. There were no crumpling metal or breaking glass sounds at the end either. He said that it really wasn't registering in his brain what this sound was. It was just long, loud and intense. He said it probably lasted about 10-15 seconds and he could feel the blood drain from his face and the hair on his arms and neck stand on end as the sound changed pitch from lower tone to a high pitch, then trilled off to a rumbling growl as it echoed through the mountains. It was like all his senses were at the ready with a shot of adrenalin to boot. He knew this thing was close to the house and couldn't have been much farther then 200-300 yards out. He said after the (yell) there was complete silence. Not a cricket chirping, a dog barking, a cow mooing or a coyote yelping. These are all the sounds he was listening to before he heard the loud yell. He said this was not a sound that was possible for a human to make. He has tried to recreate it several times and every time he runs out of breath before he can get close to that loud. He said he kept waiting on a car or something to pass the house, but nothing ever did. Finally about 10-15 seconds later all the critters resume the nature songs and all the dogs' with-in hearing distance started raising cane. Not sure exactly what to do, he just sat there still and quiet trying to figure out what this was. He has heard this sound twice now on separate occasions and both times he had the same reaction as far as the level of fear that seems to equal what he describes as a near death experience. Like I said, I have known him for 30 plus years and I have never known of him to fear anything, much less confess that whatever it was that made the sound, scared him to that point. I also have an Aunt and Uncle that come to visit now and then. They usually stay in their camper, which is parked a little ways from the house. She also swears that she has heard this same sound a couple times before, but had never really said anything about it for fear of looking foolish. She too describes the same emotions and fears.


I myself believe in Bigfoot and have researched it many times before this incident. He has heard many-recorded vocalizations of Bigfoot that I have played for him over the years. He believes that the brain logs in sounds that you hear throughout your life and can remember them well. He said when he heard the yell or (whatever) that it was like his brain was overloading trying very hard to locate the sound and try to pull it from his memory bank. The only thing he has ever heard to compare to the sound was recorded Bigfoot vocalizations that I have played for him over the years.


I mentioned earlier that I had never known of him to carry a gun when he walked his property. After that I have never known him to be without it. He said it just gave him an uneasy feeling. I believe in Bigfoot and don't much care for anyone who tries to make up stories just to watch the (dumb believer) fall for everything they say. I do not believe he made this up just to get me going. It may not have been Bigfoot, but it sure is interesting when you start thinking of all the things that have the power and capability to make that exact same sound.


Thank you for letting me tell this story, and I would like to get some thoughts and theories on what this might have been. I would also like for my name and e-mail to remain anonymous should you decide to publish this story on your site. We are well known with-in our community and I am sure that we are not the only Bigfoot enthusiasts around these parts.



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