Bigfoot Encounters

Biddeford, York County Maine 1951

Suddenly there he was.  Less than 15 feet in front of me. 
I am 73 year old man and when I was 13 years old I was on a holiday with my parents in Biddeford Maine.  It was a sunny chilly day in April.  I told my parents I was going for a walk along an estuary leading out to the ocean. 

When I came close to the flowing chilly water I saw a winding stream with sand banks rising 5 feet in front of me.  As I climbed up one bank to look at the water a few feet in front of me I saw a figure floating on its back coming in with the tide; 
I'd say we spotted each other at the same time. So I had just stepped up onto the dune from the land side, it was four or five steps and I was on top of the dune, looked down at the water and there he was, right in front of me.  I can easily think about that moment and again I had no idea what I was looking at.  I could see him so clearly, even his hairs as they swirled around his body. 

Mind you at this time of my life I had never heard of yetis, bigfoot and never read about them.  I never knew they existed at 13 years of age. This figure had the shape of a man with grayish hair and a hairless pinkish to reddish face with no hair on it. 
Although I had read about bigfoot through those years I never put the two together.  I guess one reason was that this guy had grayish white hair and I  guess I didn't really think he was a bigfoot.  This guy had no breasts that I could see.  Only while reading about bigfoot recently did I notice that occasional a whitish gray one appears.  So I got excited and had to write about it.

The rest of his body had hair which moved as the water washed around him.  He was on his back and floating in head first.  He was no more than 12-15 feet from me.  He didn't move one bit as I gazed at him.  His arms were to his side and lay motionless but the incoming water was moving him along this creek at around 4 miles per hour. 
His body was barely awash meaning he was floating on top of the water with about half an inch of water covering his body except for his pinkish reddish face which floated out of the water; I'd say from the front of where his ears should be to the front of his face.  His nose, eyes and mouth were out of the water.  His facial skin looked wrinkly, not a lot but he had mostly deep wrinkles on his face.  Another thing about his face the skin was bare, not even a whisker, no hair at all on his face. One more thing, the amount of his facial reddishness was like a sunburnt man. He showed no facial expression.  Only his eyes moved over to me and that was a little scary to me but I stood there and stared back at him I don't think I shared any expression. 

On the hair, it was about 6-8 inches long and loosely floated around his body.  It looked like it was the consistency or thickness of a golden retriever dog.  Not thick and matted like other bigfoot reports I've read. I did notice his knees, hairy, slightly bent up and still just below the water.  While I was watching him, I saw no effort to move his hands or arms, he easily drifted in without any body, arm or hand movement that I noticed. 

I will never forget how I felt during the brief time I saw him.  It was a deep soul connection that overcame me.  I felt peaceful and calm during the whole time.  I think I said this guy was about 12 feet from me.  Maybe even a little closer.  I want to go back to where I saw him someday in hopes of connecting with him or his children.

I thought it would be hard for me to walk down the little dune and follow him and I don't think I would have since the dune led into the water and I would have got wet. Besides I was so startled I could only look at him. Having never heard of these creatures I ran through my mind every creature I had ever seen and this didn't exist in my vocabulary of known animals. 

I was always interested in animals and never ever saw anything like this.As I was gazing at him he looked up at me and we had a eye to eye connection which only lasted a few seconds.  I can't say for sure but I think his eyes were a grayish blue in color.  He felt kindly to me, not startled and I wasn't either. 

I will never forget this moment and its clear as a bell to me 63 years later. I ran home to my parents who were in a house along the beach and excitedly told them what I had seen. 

They didn't pay much attention to me and thought I had seen a seal, walrus or some other seal animal.  I never thought much about it and kind of forgot about it for many years.  Later I began to hear and read about bigfoot and never put what I saw together. 

The reason was that all reports I have read these creatures were never grayish white and they were very tall.  This guy was about six feet in length no more.  But finally about ten years ago I realized this might have been a Yeti.  What else could it be?  I feel a deep connection to the bigfoot and my experience will be always with me. 

I keep my sighting almost to myself.  But thought that what I saw might help in some small way, others to help them understand what is going on.  You may publish this and use as you wish.  You may use my first
name but please keep my contact information private. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011


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