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The Bernardo Giant/s [South America]
By Dennis L. Siluk -- June 16, 2004

The Bernardo Giant/s
Between 102,000 BC & 10,000 BC

This is a story about a trip [with a long introduction] I took to Rio de Janeiro, ending up on the island of Bernardo, and discovered to my amazement, two foot prints, one in humanoid form, about twice the size of mine imbedded into solid rock, along its shores, the other a huge kind of bird, possible one some ten-feet all, and 100- plus pounds.

Some have said this side of the world at one time belonged to Atlantis, and then of course it sank. In a like manner, the Pacific side of the world belonged to a people called Lemurian [or Lemuria], for the most part. And like Atlantis, it also sank. Lemuria can claim Easter Island, Hawaii and if one wishes to follow her foot steps, all the way down to Tahiti, and Fuji. For Atlantis, if it was still afloat, would most likely take ownership of the Bahamas, the Bermuda Triangle, and all the islands along the coast of South America, and Central America, out to the Azores, to include Bernardo.

In writing down this account or discovery, of a giant footprint as you will have noticed I let my imagination go a little. Why not, if you can't explain the situation with logic, go to the next level, what ever is left, and so I do, that is why I have added, Atlantis, to my little story, or adventure.

Now having said that, lets add some dates, lets say the Atlantis was destroyed a number of times, dating back to 104,000-years or so, by natural catastrophes, or wars. Like Troy, in Asia Minor who was destroyed a number of times by wars and natural catastrophes also; which dates back to the famous Trojan War of 1250 BC, knowing there were other wars, and catastrophes, the site now can be dated to 2900 BC. Thus, the area was inhabited long before that famous war of Troy, or so it has been said. In a helpless situation, Atlantis, it to could have been destroyed a number of times until its fatal sinking, let's say in 10,500 BC. Be patient, I am building something here, I think. The only real thing I know is the two foot prints I saw, the rest is of course folklore with my, lore added to it.

Now let's also say most of these islands, in the Atlantic area were outposts for the continent of Atlantis. Such as the Bimini islands off the coast of Florida in the Bahamas, being part of Atlantis; which incidentally, some ancient roads have been found ten to twenty feet below its coastal waters. And let's say the Azores that belong to Portugal were also a part of this empire called, Atlantis, now being its tips, or mountaintops. If this were the case, most likely Bernardo would also belong to Atlantis.

Accordingly, maybe these two Giant footprints may have played a bigger part in mankind's history than might have been expected, my premise of course, all mythos; that being, an inhabitant of an Atlantis outpost.

To take this one step further, does not the USA have outposts [?], a rhetorical question at best, yes they do; meaning, it maintains a certain amount of its military within the walls of the US, but most of it is outside its walls; such as chemicals on Johnson Island by Hawaii; military still remains on Guam in the South Pacific; an air base on one of the Azores, islands; a base at the South Pole; underground bases such as the Manzano Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico. CIA underground bases, and undersea structures, such as the 3.5 mile shafts and tunnels that lead out to sea, beneath the ocean floor.

Like Atlantis of its day, the US is simply doing what has been done, a traditional response to a fear of future conflicts; Rome did it also, and let's add Greece to the list; Persia had outposts, and Mongolia also. And Russia tried, and China is now trying. And so in my theory, it was done eons ago, most likely by Atlantis. My point is made. Bernardo I believe is exactly that [was], a part of the past that inherited a disaster. And the giant was part of that happening also.

Who was The Giant [s]: I have looked at it from a few different angles. Ones we usually do not look at. The first question might go: Do giants exist, or did they. Does someone have an 18-inch foot other than a giant? And can a person imbed it into solid stone. Well, seeing believes, or at least I think so.

The other questions are: did Giants exist? There seems to be enough evidence to prove there were giants in the past: some we can see in fairy tails, in the Bible, such as David and Goliath, and Og, who hid in Noah's ark, a giant of sorts, and thereafter mated with his daughters.

We can also reference the "Circle of the Refaim", which dates back to about 3000 BCE; a stone structure of circles, which have something like 37,000 tons of stone to is massive structure. It is said to have been built by giants. Also the palace at Crete was said to have been built by the giant Titans [or Watchers/fallen angels of its day]. And most recently in the late l990's a number of citizens of Israel have come to witness giants between seven to thirteen feet tall on occasions, referring to them as the ones who were in their land 5000-years ago, "The Old Ones?". Some of their foot prints were measured to be 35 centimeters deep [foot tracks that is]; are these UFO/ET's: maybe demon? No one seems to know.

One of these giants were photographed, I seen the photo. It looks like a configuration of the statues on Easter Island. Alien? Good question. Whatever, or whoever, gene pool we have today. And now as I get into my story, I'm sure it will be less interesting then the introduction prelude.

[Off the coast of Brazil]

The story is very simple, and short: while on vacation in July of 2001, my wife Rosa and I flew to Paris, and ventured out to see Mount St. Michaels, --on our way back home, we had purchased tickets to Rio, and stayed only a day in St. Paul to wash up and change our clothing, then onto another plane we scooted.

We never expected to find a foot print on an Island that was simply suppose to be a laid back trip among the 365-islands in the area - outside of the Rio area. A month earlier we had just come back from Cambodia, seeing many temple sights throughout the country, so I wasn't in a hurry to jump into another adventure this was to be a resting trip by the famous beaches.

In any case, there we were in Rio de Janeiro [South America]. After a few days there, I got bored: henceforward, from there we sailed into the island region, which I never knew there was one until we went. Once on the island of Bernardo, Rosa and I went our own way [with each other that is], leaving the other 25-passangers swim in the waters of the island-coast, and bath in the sun, on its lovely beach. And as we walked about the coastal area, there it was, yes, right in front of my nose, right there staring at me, dusty and filled with debris; the giant foot print of the humanoid, or call him the Neanderthal, or if you wish, the Giant; along side of it was another food print, but it was smaller, like a birds; a big bird. A very, very big fat bird, and it was even deeper embedded into the stones. As if the giant was walking with the bird, or running from it; or running or walking together. And so I cleaned the area inside the print and along the outside and took a picture.

Short and sweet but the trip was grand. We also seen the "Sphinx of Rio", Mr. Childress talked about this in one of his books, and so it inspired us [my wife and I] to check it out. I sought out many of the people at the hotel, to include guides and Travel Agencies to explain this Sphinx, put people were more interested in the beaches.

In closing, it might be noteworthy to add, Dr. John Bindernagel discovery, found in Vancouver Island, between 1988 and 1993, some large foot prints, measuring 15-inches long, and 6-inches wide. About the size of the foot print I discovered on the island. Maybe there is a connection between this South and North American phenomenon. Like the mounds between North, Central and South America. Whatever is the case, I suspect people will discover much more in the near future, and be much better than I in putting together the giant theory. For I sense we all know deep inside of us, there was another era back there. And most likely giants played a role in the history of mankind. We just can't put our finger on it.
About the author: Mr. Siluk is a world traveler, a lover of the mysteries around the world, and has visit many World Heritage Sites, the most recent being Easter Island and the Galapagos. His most recent book: "After Eve," and his 26th book thus far, can be seen on/at Barns and,, Walmart and several other sites. He spends his time between Lima, Peru and St. Paul, Minnesota, and is working on two more books: "Stay Down, Old Abram," and "Curse of the Abyss Worm," the second being a suspenseful mystery.
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