Bigfoot Encounters

Spokane County, Washington
Spokane Mid 1970's

This is a 'bigfoot' story that my cousin told me about in 1994, which had taken place in the mid-70s. He was walking his dog on a nature trail in Spokane, Washington.

The dog suddenly stopped abruptly in the middle of the trail, and seemed to be 'pointing' at something in a deadfall of large tree's just 'down' from them. It appeared to be a grey colored animal that was stepping over each limb without coming down on all fours at any time.

It moved 'like a skater,' graceful and fast at the same time, until reaching a ridge. Though, I don't remember if he said whether the animal walked to the top of the ridge, or angled around it.

He did say that just before the sighting, the nature sounds stopped. Like the sound of the birds that were noticeable up till that point. My cousin pointed out the creature was very tall and broad-shouldered.

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