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Bear Brook State Park, Merrimack County, New Hampshire

I am wondering if anyone ever reported a Bigfoot sighting in a town called Allenstown, New Hampshire?  The small town of Allenstown is printed on my map, just north of Suncook. The state park/forest covers a significant area on the map, including areas for tenting.  If people have spent the night there, it's possible that others have had sightings in areas designated for camping.  I also saw the town of Pembroke on the map.  I recall that this is the town from which I was coming, to go home to a town called Deerfield, on the other side of the forest.  Deerfield, at that time anyway, was also extremely woodsy and rural.  The road we drove off to take the short cut is Route 28, which runs north and south.  We were heading east, from Pembroke to Deerfield, and the county is Rockingham.  This area is not far from Loudon, (town of the other report), which is north of Concord, still east of Route 93.  The other reporting in Merrimack County (in Webster/Salisbury area) is also not too far from this area, but northwest of Concord.

It was around 1983 or 1984; this small town is located just south of Concord, New Hampshire, and there is a huge state park there, called Bear Brook State Park.  It covers many acres with just one road cutting through it, and there are no houses except for a few at the edge of the forest on either end.

I was a passenger in a vehicle cutting through this gigantic forest at about 2 o'clock in the morning.  We saw something walk across the road about fifteen feet in front of the car and it continued walking into the woods.  At the time, I did not even know about Bigfoot. 

The night was October 31st, Halloween.  We were both completely sober, coming home via a short-cut, from visiting friends.  I wondered "What is someone doing out here alone, dressed up like a gorilla at this hour, in the middle of the woods where no one can see him?  And where is he going, with no home or vehicle around for miles?"  But this was no man. (I never talked about this sighting to anybody, except my husband.)  I now realize that this thing matches other descriptions I've seen on TV and on web site. 

This thing was a male, about 7 to 8 feet tall.  I saw the huge chest (less hairy than the rest of the body) as he passed in front of the car, and I asked "Are the high beams on?"  This thing just crashed through the bushes off the side of the road like nothing.  Then he stopped briefly, and turned and looked back at me before moving deeper into the woods, like he'd gone this way before.  In the dark woods, I don't recall seeing details of the face, as he was already about twenty feet away. (IN the road, I had seen him sideways, but I remember the chest as he turned. And I remember thinking that this guy is wearing a head-to-toe Halloween costume.) He took large strides and moved rather quickly, not appearing to be confused or lost at all. And the way he moved was like the creature in that video... He turned his shoulders with the head, not turning a neck, the way a human does. 

His big head was rounded, and covered with long, dark hair. His shoulders were rounded and his build was stocky. He must have weighed at least 300 pounds, and he was covered in long, black hair about 3 inches in length.  I remember thinking that he did not walk the way a man does, as he was hunched a little forward as he moved.  I remember wondering initially who this man was trying to impress, because he had no audience.  And it was pitch black out there, with no street lights at all.  Now I'm thinking that these creatures must have superb night vision. 

The driver was going slowly on this curvy, sometimes hilly road, but he never stopped the car.  I observed all this quite quickly, and then the thing was gone.  I was never frightened, just overwhelmed with curiosity.  I thought it was very strange and puzzling. It made no sense to me at the time.

I simply forgot about this for years.  But now I am convinced that I saw the same thing others have described.  I don't understand why no one has ever found a body, or some strong physical evidence for the existence of this Bigfoot thing?

It has now been about 25 years and I have never written about this experience before...  Perhaps you could help answer if there were ever any other sightings reported in this specific area of New Hampshire? Thank you, and God bless!


Allentown, NH."  (Circa 1983-84)
March 2009

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