Bigfoot Encounters

Ft. Hall, Bannock County, Idaho
August 2012


All the activity mentioned is southeast Idaho near Fort Hall like the camping trip with rocks was around Fort Hall ID. Where there is a lot of Bannock and Shoshone Native Americans. Every fall I drive up Hwy I-15 from southern California to Montana to hunt with friends there. I tend to find myself stopping in Pocatello, Idaho for a motel and also visit a certain bar there. Twice I have run into a man I will call ‘Gary’ for this submission is without his knowledge.

I had a casual conversation with Gary at the bar in November 2011. Now before I go on I want to mention we were drinking beer and no other kind of liquor is served there. He and I had just happened to walk in about the same time and then started talking, so we were not intoxicated. Since I had met him a year prior I felt like this was an instance of synchronicity and maybe there was something special he was about to share with me. So I asked him some questions. Not able to repeat the conversation verbatim. These are the answers and stories I got from him, which I wrote down an hour later when I got back to my motel room: I asked him if he was a native American. He said yes, half Bannock Indian and a tribal member; his age was early 50‘s.

When I asked him if he had ever seen a Bigfoot he snapped back a bit and then turned his back to me. I thought to myself, here’s another person who might think I’m a nut job. But then Gary turned around slowly and facing me said “Three times." He went on, "I grew up in the Fort Hall, Idaho area. My earliest recollection was a camping trip as a small boy in the early 1960’s, my father, cousin, and I were walking through a canyon and something threw rocks the size of baseballs at us from afar. There was also the sound of timber cracking. My father told us we needed to leave the area as we are not wanted by the mountain people. We are the Agai people, meaning Salmon Eating and we know all the good salmon runs.”

Tell me about seeing one.
I saw one in the afternoon, on a dirt path below me in a small canyon, the Bigfoot was dragging a sage bush to erase his tracks and conceal his foot prints. They will also step on stones when they can to avoid making tracks.“

You mentioned 3 sightings you’ve had, where?
Around Eel River, Trinity Forks, Snake River.”

Some people ask if they are real, then why are there never any bones found. Do they bury their dead?
Yes but in water, weighted down in rivers, or ponds with stones.”

So we are talking about an animal that is shy, clever and territorial, all signs of an intelligent creature? “They are more of a spirit than a human.”

And at this point Gary seemed to lose interest and change the subject. I sensed the subject of Bigfoot was somewhat taboo for him to tell me about, and not meant for the non-tribal.

-Todd C. Homer
August 23, 2012

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