Bigfoot Encounters

Azusa Canyon, Los Angeles County, California
October 1987
... hunter couldn't shoot, it was too big...

It happened on October 23, 1987 while hunting in Azusa Canyon by the experimental forest; I found a game trail with very fresh tracks and followed them to a small stream rain runoff. I started digging up some scorpions to pay for the trip and to take to a pet store to sell when the ground started shaking.  I heard a thump thumping noise that sounded like something very heavy but extremely big was coming my way at a high rate of speed, it was heading downhill in my direction. I moved behind a large boulder for protection and chambered a 250 grain bullet for my 30:06. Shouldering the rifle I looked through my scope and that is when I saw “it” about 45 yards distance; it was about 8-10 feet tall and extremely muscular. I estimate it weighed somewhere between 1300 and 1700 pounds; it was black; it was not threatening, just staring and wanting to pass.

We stood and sized each other up until I backed off. I didn't fire; I am sure my rifle wouldn't drop the thing it was that large! I continued to back up and then ran toward
my truck having to circle to get to the truck. There was only 45 yards between us; I was a very young man, x-body guard who could bench 550 lbs. This has forever changed by life. I have run into other people who have seen it. I was sober and I do not do drugs. I have NEVER hunted again. (I saw it in the sun light, around noon)


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