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Two Older Australian Reports

As a naturalist with a particular interest in mammals, I have been investigating reports of unexplained predators and stock killing in southern and western Victoria (Australia) for some time. I am not
associated with any research group with a focus on cryptic animals but liaise with other independent researchers as appropriate.

In the last few years I have been given two reports of what appear to be hair covered manlike animals in my research area. Intellectually I have great problems with the idea of such animals occurring in Australia but as I trust and respect the informants regarding these two reports I thought it best to make you aware of them.

The first report I wish to lodge came from a work colleague of mine and took place in the early 1990s. Michael and his wife (both tertiary educated health professionals) and 5-year-old son observed a meter high
[approx 3.3 feet tall] hairy hominid at close range for several seconds near their house in the bush a few kilometers north of Ballarat.

The sighting was made late in the day but in good light and initially at a range of only several meters. The beast ran away from them at a great speed, a speed they felt no human could move at. While it was quite short when compared to an adult human it seemed quite heavily built and its forelimbs appeared to be disproportionately long. The hair was all over its body and about 5 cm long [approx 1.9 – 2 inches] and the same length on the head and dark brown in colour. The face was not seen and ears were not noted. It ran from where they had disturbed it near the entrance to their drive, diagonally across the dirt road that services the district, into a pine plantation and crashed through the undergrowth. The ground was too hard for tracks; it made no sound nor left any odour. Interestingly enough, at the time their son said he had seen it before. Now, however he has absolutely no memory of the event and his parents don't like to refer to it.
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The other event related to me took place in the Otway Ranges west of Geelong near Tomahawk Creek.

The observer who wishes to remain anonymous told me that in about 1989 he and three other mates, all in their late teens, were heading off for a night on the town in Colac in a battered sedan. It was already after dark so they were making good pace along the gravel road through the state forest so as not too waste too much beer drinking time. Descending a steep hill it was necessary to break and gear down before ascending the coming hill. As they got to the bottom of the gully an enormous man shaped animal started to cross in front of them but stopped and retreated. My informant, who was a passenger in the (left) front seat and the two lads in the back seat all saw the animal and were in shock for few seconds, but not the driver. The passengers all panicked and begged the driver to get moving. The driver thought at first they were joshing but soon got the message. None of these boys wanted to talk about it and I could get my informant to discuss it only the once. They had never heard any talk about such animals in their district before or since.

The animal was described as much taller than a man, maybe 2.2 meters tall [approx 7 feet tall] and very broad with arms proportionally much longer than human arms but legs compared to torso roughly the same as a human. No real neck and head not exceptionally large. Face was not seen but hair covered whole body and was very long. The hair on the arms was described as hanging and was very evident. In the headlights
he could not truly discern colour but it may have been gray.  My informant said it retreated very quickly. He felt it had tried to beat the car but had misjudged their speed. He has avoided that spot ever since.

I hope this is of some interest as I have noted that you do publish some Australian reports.

Kindest regards,
Simon Townsend
Tuesday, November 07, 2006 4:35 PM

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