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Ashland County, Wisconsin - - Apostle Islands

About 2 summers ago (2005) I went on a camping trip with family and friends to the Apostle Islands.  I think it’s in northern Wisconsin or southern Michigan.  We didn’t get up there until dark and we had a walk-in campsite. 

My boyfriend was up at the car blowing up our air mattress and I started walking up the path.  Then I heard something walking right next to me.  It was dark so I couldn’t see it and I was up on a hill.  When I started walking it started walking too.  I heard sticks breaking and leaves rustling.  Then I started walking faster and I suddenly stopped and it took a few more steps and stopped too.  By then I got scared and started running as fast I could to my boyfriend. 

I wasn’t sure if it was following me or not because I was running and loosing my breath so I couldn’t hear it.  Once I got up to my boyfriend and told him about it he didn’t believe me.  So I didn’t tell anybody else for the rest of the trip. 

But when we got home I told my aunt about it and she said she heard the exact same thing when she was walking up the path.  I couldn’t smell anything because it was downwind but it sounded huge!  It seamed like if I took 4 steps it only took 1 or 2 steps.  I still get chills when I talk about it today.  My aunt and I talk about it all the time together but we don’t tell too many people because they might not believe us. 

We are planning on going back up to the Apostle Islands this summer and getting the same campsite.  We are thinking about trying to track something down because there has been many sightings up there from what we heard from Chad Lewis, he is the writer of Road Guide to Haunted Locations in Wisconsin and many other paranormal books. 

This story location seems close in proximity to the Chequamegon story; the area map between the two is located at the bottom of the story on this page:

Larissa Crawford

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