Bigfoot Encounters

Anderson County Texas August 2001

Palestine, 75801

"On August 5, 2001 at 0313 CDT, on US Hwy 287, which is 31 miles west of Palestine, Texas, I was traveling westbound at 65 mph when I saw what looked like a bear cub or a very large dog sitting in the middle of the road. I slowed down to 15 mph; I hit my high beams and stopped about 20 yards away from the animal. I put on my 4-way flashers, turned on my interior spotlight.

As I looked up I saw a huge bipedal creature that I will call Bigfoot. It walked from the soft shoulder of the road to the animal in the road. As he (I am pretty sure it was a male) walked in front of my tractor he shielded his eyes, not seemingly out of shyness, but more as an effort to protect his eyes from the bright lights. I reduced my headlights to low beam, but decided not to turn them off as I was in the middle of the highway. I was doing my best to protect them by blocking the road with my tractor-trailer. The big male went over to what I realized was a 'toddler.'

"He" grabbed its shoulder and attempted to grab the little one's arm. The little one "scooted" away like a child trying to get away from a parent that wants the child to go somewhere and the child doesn't want to go.

The little one had greater agility than the big male. The little one squirmed, scrambled, and scooted further up the road from where they were. Then something caught my eye and ear directly next to my driver's window. I casually looked over and within two feet of my face was a female. No doubt female, she had "nursing breasts" (extended nipples). Her eyes were almost even with my eye/level. I measured from where the top of her head came up to my mirror; it was 7' 4" tall. The male was at least one foot taller than her, plus some. She had a "gamy" smell but didn't stink. Immediately upon seeing her, I smiled with all the teeth I have.

From the interior spotlight, which was pointed down toward my lap, I am sure she was able to see me clearly. I certainly saw her clearly, so clearly I could smell and feel her breath. I particularly noticed the volume of air that she breathed. Not out of breath, or even heavy breathing, just a large volume of air with each breath. I again smiled at her and asked, "Is the baby okay?" She slowly "smiled" back at me. I noticed a dental anomaly...either she had a double row of teeth or the crowns of her teeth were split on the top center to give the impression of two rows of teeth.

She then reached into the tractor and stroked my beard (like I do when I'm thinking). My beard is mid-chest length and multi-colored. It was then I realized the large male's head was identical to mine, although his beard was shorter. The female had thin facial hair on her chin. The rest of his hair/fur was dark brown with traces of gray/white on his shoulders, back and chest. She was a mixture of brown and reddish-brown hair/fur, mostly reddish-brown. As she took her hand off my beard, and took her hand out of my tractor, I extended my hand out to her. She sandwiched my hand between her two hands, her hands were 2x-3x larger than mine. Her hands felt like roughneck work gloves (rough leather). At this point she gave me a "soulful" look. From her facial expressions and her watery eyes, I took it that she was saying, "thanks for not running over my baby". The eyes were not dead eyes, they were bright and moist, just very dark brown, not black.

The large male had the "child" under his left arm like a sack of potatoes. He never looked directly at me as I watched him walk back into the treeline. I noticed at least 3 more (I suspected even more) at the treeline. They ranged from the height of the female to slightly shorter, but none came close to the size of the male.

**Please do not use my name. I have no objections to your use of this report, but please do not use my name. I had no belief in what I saw, until I saw it. I had no fear of these creatures (as I explained on the phone).

I believe any use of deadly force would have been borderline homicide (no doubt in my mind). Twenty-one years of investigating experience teaches you to observe, remember as much as you can, and immediately write it down. That's what I have done. The encounter ended at 0317.

I have thought of ten million things that I coulda/woulda/shoulda done, if given the opportunity again. I know, however, this was a once in a lifetime event."

Use this report, I don't care how, just please don't use my name. I'm not seeking publicity or monetary gain from this experience.

Credit report sent into Bigfootencounters by investigator Tim Olson

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