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Allegany County, Frostburg, Maryland 2001

I would like to submit a sighting report. I did this at the time (on this website I think) but it was never published. Anyway, I'd be very grateful if you would not publish my real name although I'd be entirely happy to be interviewed about what I saw or take a polygraph test, etc.

My family and I are British and in 2001 we were on vacation in the US with some American friends of ours and our children. We decided to stay at the Savage River Lodge in Maryland, the idea being that the male members of the party could go fishing while the women would take the children on hikes and to local attractions, etc. The Savage River Lodge actually consists of a number of small, two-storey lodges, each one big enough to accommodate a family. They are set in the woods, a few yards from each other. When we were staying there it was only a year or two after they had opened and they had built some new lodges which we stayed in. The place was pretty empty - I think there couldn't have been more than one or two other couples there.

One morning I woke up and went downstairs to make my wife and I a cup of tea. With the two cups in my hands I went to climb the stairs back up to the bed area. On the right-hand side of the staircase was a window that looked slightly upwards into the woods. It was aligned with what looked like a path or narrow fire-break between the trees that extended for about 20 yards to a small clearing. As I was going up the stairs I glanced out of the window where I saw, standing at the end of the short path, a tall hairy erect animal. It looked directly at me for about a second and a half and then walked off to my left. The whole incident must only have lasted about 2 or 3 seconds. The animal did not walk like a bear on two legs - it walked more naturally, like a human.

Later that morning I asked the owners if the area was well-known for bears or any other such fauna but they said no. I told them what I thought I had seen and they were just as mystified as me. Having seen what I saw I am still not entirely convinced that Bigfoot exists because it seems more likely that I was mistaken than such a creature could exist all this time without having been formally identified. However, I know what I saw. It also makes me a great deal more sympathetic to those people who say they have seen something. I don't think there is any way that someone could have been hoaxing me. The lodges were in the middle of nowhere and no one was around. Anyway, how could they have known that I would be walking past the window at that moment, if at all? It remains a mystery to me. I am only sorry I didn't get more time to watch the animal but I was certainly not about to go outside and look for it.


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