Bigfoot Encounters

Algonquin National Park, Ontario, Canada 1999

Hello, my name is Curt Beleutz.
I have been a Bigfoot enthusiast ever since last summer. On August 25, 1999, I was camping in far North Bay region of Algonquin National Park. I believe the nearest town is Barrie, Ontario Canada.

The area is sloppy, dark rich soil, lots of mountains and deep forests; the park is 7,725 square kilometers exactly. Algonquin is a Canadian First Nation Indian word and the park is a massive preserve type place, it would take you weeks or even months to hike through it.

At 12:45 a.m. in the morning, the moon was pretty bright that night so we had excellent visibility plus light from the campfire.  My friends and I had just sat down next to the fire when we noticed an odd smell.  It was like a wet dog and rotting meat. Then we heard a sound; it came from under one of our trucks.  There were two trucks parked there.  One was not ours, it was a guys a few campsites over.

We went to see what it was, thinking raccoon, bear or something like that.  We went to my truck first and the smell grew worse.  We saw a creature that looked like a bear, crouched down near the truck, probably watching us.  We yelled at it, thinking that this bear would run away. But it did not.  It stood up and stared at us from a distance of about ten feet from us.  This is when we saw that this was no bear.  We continued to yell at it, not knowing what the hell it was.  It stared at us while we yelled at it until I guess it got annoyed and yelled right back.

The sound it emitted was ear piercing and deep.  It was as if it was being disemboweled.  We were freaking out at this point thinking for sure we were dead, like come on, I'm 6 foot 2 inches tall and this thing was a lot bigger and wider than I was.

Almost immediately after it snarled or yelled, whatever it was doing, we heard a gunshot and it ran into the forest like a bold of lightning.  A Ranger

pulled up in his truck and thought we were being attacked by a bear. We were not in the boonies, we were on a main trail/road and he was making sure all the fires in the area were under control, he heard us yelling and came

We told him the story and he only laughed telling us it was probably just a bear.  Well, I'll tell you a bear is not that big and it does not dun or stand on two legs and it does not have a face so HUMAN-LIKE in appearance. Its nose was flat and you would think it was a man.  It had long brownish red hair,

cow like molars we could see when it was yelling, big black eyes, skin on his  face that looked like leather, long arms, wide hips. There have been black bear attacks in the area but I think more by wolves though.

It had long hair about 6 inches in length and smell like hell.  That night we packed out things, right in front of that Ranger and told him “if that was a bear, I am freaking Superman!!”  If this seems weird of me to say, I knew nothing as to what we had just encountered.  We left and did not tell anyone until we began more research into this thing you call Bigfoot.  For God's sake,

I didn't know what a Bigfoot was until after we saw it.  Never again will I camp in Algonquin near Whitefish Lake.

Curt Beleutz, London Ontario Canada

caramello90 at hotmail dotcom
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Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 19:13:57 GMT

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