Bigfoot Encounters

Alcovy, Georgia
August, 2000

I saw a big thing looking like a man but real hairy. I was going down Alcovy Rd about 9:30 at night, there are no lights along the road and it is hilly in the area. As I approached the Alcovy River, it ran out in front of my headlights. The thing stared at me just like a deer in headlights. I almost wet myself. The thing was just huge! It stood there looking right at me. Then like something was chasing after it, the thing ran back into the woods. I sat there in the road for a little longer making sure I was still able to breathe. Then raced home as fast as I could drive home in my car. I got home and told my family the story. It took a while to make them believe me but they did.

(C) Jim Palmer

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