Bigfoot Encounters

Alberta, Canada
Highway 93 between Jasper and Banff Summer 2001

Dusk, Canadian Rockies - Nearest water probably a north south running river or Lake Louise; notified wife and a few colleagues

I had been to the Big Glacier between Jasper and Banff with my mom and my wife.  We were on a tour bus out of West Virginia where my mom was born.  My dad had passed away the summer before and my mom wanted to take the trip with us that he always wanted to do. 

I was tired; looking out of the left hand side of the bus (East) which was going south on the main road, 93, I think.  I saw a large animal, too tall for a black bear, standing erect on its two feet in the trees watching the bus go by. Its head turned to follow us as we went past. I got the distinct impression that it was waiting for us to pass to cross the road.  I wrote it off as a grizzly at the time, but the image has stuck in my mind. I no longer think it was a bear. I could not get to my camera fast enough.

Description: It was dark Brown, hairy, taller than a black bear.  Had the impression of intelligence, its head moved to follow the bus; it was maybe 8 or 9 feet tall.

Terrain:  Typical route 93. Two lane road, I think cement, heavy woods & mountains or foothills on both sides.

My mind just cannot connect that face with a bear anymore. I have tried for years, and now I have given up. I just don't get the same feelings looking at a bear.

Wayne R. McKinney, PhD
October 22, 2009

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