Bigfoot Encounters

Pontotoc County, Ada Oklahoma 1950's

The latitude of Ada is 34.774N. The longitude is -96.678W. Elevation is 1,014 feet.

" My mom told me the story of her sighting of bigfoot when her and my father were on there way to my aunt an uncles house somewhere on the outskirts of Ada, Oklahoma in the late 1950's before I was born. "

"It was just the two of them traveling down a dark country road when my mom says that she saw this elusive creature making it's way across the road, on the passenger side of the road, and that within a blink of her eyes it was gone; my dad completely missed the sighting. "

"She said that it seemed to look over at them toward the car and hurriedly made its way down the embankment until it disappeared into the thicket. Every now and then I still ask my mom about what she remembers seeing that night, and her story remains the same. "

"She described it as a large hairy creature that walked upright with extremely long arms that swung from side to side as it steadily made its way into the woods. This story like so many others confirms in my mind that it is in fact not fiction, but continues to be as mysterious today as it has for so many years now."

"When its your mom telling the story, you know that there is something very real out there that has been able to evade us for centuries and continues to elude most of the human population with only those occasional rare sightings that keeps the rest of us wondering what it is, and or if it is actually real. As for me it is still a mystery, but I do believe my mom saw this creature that the rest of us have only heard about and I happened to hear about it first hand. What a trip!" --County map below...

"Scott Willmann"
Subject: My mom's saw bigfoot years ago...
Date filed: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 02:07:53 -0700

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