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Affidavit: Chief William Little Soldier (AKA Bungard)
My name is William Little Soldier, aka Bungard. I am 61 years old and live in Cambridge, Ohio. I was born on Highway 101 in Gilroy, California.
I have been a long haul trucker, installed telescopes and various other jobs during my life time. I graduated from high school in Columbus, Ohio and briefly attended University of California at Berkeley.

In 1970 I became Chief of the Munsee Delaware Indian Nation, USA. We won 5.6 acres back from the U.S. government and I subsequently built a cabin on the property. The location of the property is 45 miles from the Ohio River with little between the property and the river other then wild forests. There was logging in this area 20 years ago but there is still massive trees left that were never touched. This region has 300 pound white tail deer and a few very rare BLACK deer (only seen in two counties, Guernsey and Muskingham). The area also has black bear with significant supplies of blackberries and blueberries. The tribe owned their land from 1737 - 1828 until they were displaced. In 1998 they reclaimed their land and found that it possesses ancient altars that are still intact.

Two months ago I was putting out post markers on our property when I heard a large branch break. I turned in time to catch a glimpse of a creature walking away on two feet with hair over its entire body. It was medium brown in color with thinning hair near its buttocks. The creature ran up an adjacent ridgeline where I lost sight of it. I never did see a frontal perspective, just the rear. I did measure its stride at over eight feet and it had 17” long feet. We have found three different size Bigfoot tracks on the property adjacent to the tribe, some were quite small and others were large, they all looked like a barefoot human track except they were wider and flatter.

Several months ago my girlfriend and I were at a nearby pond and we heard an extremely loud scream. I had heard this scream before back in 1975 at Yellow Springs, Ohio nearby Glen Helen. That year I was with friends, we were looking at an eclipse. All of us heard the scream and large branches breaking. One of my friends had a pair of fierce Dobermans and she told them to go get the animal that made the sound. The dogs ran off in the direction of the scream. Several minutes later the dogs returned with their heads down and tails between their legs cowering and whining. I decided that I'd go out and see if I could locate the screamer. I went out to follow the sounds of breaking branches and got close to the creature. The sounds were of something very large, after a few minutes I returned after realizing that this wasn't a smart maneuver.

There are others in our immediate community that have found fecal material that looks similar to giant human scat that nobody can seem to identify. Others have found three different sets of footprints in the snow that also look like human footprints. I went to a local newspaper to discuss the issue with a reporter and he claimed that there have been 22 sightings of Bigfoot in the Twin Sisters area. The sightings are of a creature that looks much more human then the Ohio Grassman. I will attempt to obtain photos of the fecal and tracks to send to you.

Bigfoot researcher Don Keating lives approximately 20 miles from me but I couldn't contact him and thus the reason I contacted Bigfoot Encounters. I wanted to report that this creature looks much more human than what has been previously reported through the Grassman reports, it doesn't have the gorilla shape.

I have had two other Bigfoot sightings in California that I would like to report.

In June or July of 1973 I was driving a GMC big rig carrying pallets and pipe northbound on Interstate 5, three miles south of the Oregon border. It was 1:30pm on a clear and warm day with moderate traffic. Approximately 200 feet in front of me I observed a creature running on two feet westbound to eastbound across the highway. It was very dark in color, had hair covering its entire body and it was very big and muscular, like a very large body building male. I was able to view the creature for 15-20 seconds until it made its way into the forest line. A large number of vehicles pulled to the side of the roadway and we discussed what we observed. We all agreed that we had just viewed a Bigfoot.

In March or April of 1979 I was traveling with my daughter from Red Bluff (Tehama Ranch) to the coast on Highway 36. It was a clear day when we started and then it quickly got foggy as we crested the summit and headed onto the coastal side of the highway. It was near 10:30am as we went around a turn and saw small pine saplings swaying on the side of the road. We then saw a Bigfoot dart into the roadway approximately 20 feet in front of us. It also had hair over its entire body, was dark in color and immediately crossed the road to the other side where we lost sight of it. We were just on the northwestern fringe of the Yolla Bolla Wilderness Area when we made this sighting.

There is one other thing that has occurred to me that is very odd. I have always had the hobby of astronomy. I have lived in the past in Fort Myers Florida where I saw a UFO. I was with people who actually tried to throw a rock and hit it, it was that close, maybe only 50 feet off the ground. The oddity was that when the rock was thrown, it never fell back onto the ground. In 1998 I was using a 12-inch reflector telescope when a group of us observed what we initially thought were satellites high in the sky. After watching them for several minutes, we saw them accelerate to thousands of miles per hour, immediately stop and then make a right angle turn. We knew we were looking at something completely out of this world.

There are more specific details of these incidents but in essence this is the story of the events as I remember them.

This statement is made on this _____ day of December 2008 in the county of Guernsey. I declare under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Ohio that this statement is true and correct. 

Signed by Chief William Little Soldier, Munsee Delaware Indian Nation, USA

The Chief's personal contact information withheld…

David Paulides, author of “The Hoopa Project,"Tribal Bigfoot" and President of NABS, (North American Bigfoot Search, ) personally contacted the informant and recorded this affidavit on Wednesday, December 03, 2008 11:00 AM. 

Uploaded May 2009, with permission from Paulides, lead investigator
The affidavit was edited in various places & approved by Chief Little Soldier in May 2009

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