Bigfoot Encounters

Eureka, California 1896

Interesting old story:

In 1965 my mother's friend, an old dear from near Sacramento showed her a letter. It was transcribed by her daughter, who found some of the usage and language amusing, and she presented it to her grammar school class. No one knows where the original is. It was found in pressed into the pages of an old dictionary, but has been lost or misplaced. Enjoy it. If you use it in your publication, please just refer to me as Jack. I enjoy the fruits of your research, and wish you many, many years of success in your endeavor.

Regards, Jack (Lakota Sioux)
Guide/outfitter/guide in our great northwest.
- ---
A few weeks back my friend Jake McCoy and I were in witness to the following of accounts:
We were well spent after an uncommon day of awful heat cutting timber. Our days in these woods were usually of a cool and foggy nature, with the heat rarely becoming to our discomfort. After our supper Jake and I were of a mind to sit by the creek, with the next day being Sunday we were able to enjoy an evening of our own doings. We were smoking and having coffee when we smelt something like a dead animal left to rot in the heat. I remember once coming upon a shot bear that his hunter could not trail, and it had laid and rotted for four days by my opinion. It gave an awful stench, which would give many a disagreeable stomach. This scent was in similarity to that.

We saw nothing out of the expected, but could hear a rustling in the brush just across the creek. Being August the creek was not more than 4 or 5 goodly strides from this bank across. A man could start to a run and jump fully across it if he were determined of doing so. We saw a large man coming through the trees and Jake stood up and asked what in creation it was. As I had just been looking towards the sun my eyes did not give a clear viewing of what it was. I rubbed my eyes to have a look and I was not in knowledge of what I saw.

It appeared to be a bear at first, but we had not seen any bears in this area and it walked as a man would on its two legs. If it was a man he was covered with a dark hair and long like the mane of a horse and it was dark brown in color. Jake yelled out who goes there but this man beast did not make a response. It stopped in its tracks and looked at us from a distance of about seventy paces. We stood but were froze as we wondered of the type of creature we were in witness to. After just a moment or two it turned and walked back up the hill in great long strides and with unexpected ease and swiftness. We heard it climb up the hill and then all was silent. We noticed it walk for twenty or so paces - all of them upright. It had arms like a mans but of a much bigger size and greater length than a mans. It must have been of great strength as we determined it to be greater in height than seven feet.

We said nothing to our supervisors, as loafing and insubordination would get you off and looking for employment in other parts. Too many men wanted too little work; so saying anything that would attract attention to yourself in a manner not deemed proper was not born of a good idea. However an Indian named Joe who frequented our camp to vend his wares had told of a mountain giant uncommon to these woods. I explained what we saw and he said his people often saw these giants. However he said that most would see them in late night or darkness. The giants did not care to be seen and were quiet and careful to be hidden. Joe said that he could find tracks all along the creeks and rivers of a morning.

I swear the events written here is the truth and happened with us being of a sound mind and in sobriety.

L. T. Mills
19 August of 1896
Eureka, California
As dictated to L.B. Small, Clerk

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