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Spaulding, Idaho
Eight Idahoans swear they spotted Bigfoot highway 95
August, 1992

Spalding, Idaho (AP) --

Eight Spalding-area residents say they saw a large hairy creature Thursday evening that could only have been a Bigfoot. The unidentified creature was spotted descending a hillside southwest of Nez Perce National Historical Park's visitor center at Spalding. "I looked up and it was just too big and dark to be a man," Becky Johnson said Friday.

"It was 6 or 7 o'clock....There was still a lot of daylight left." Johnson tried to photograph the creature as it walked across a plowed field almost a half mile away. But she said her camera was not equipped with a telephoto lens and the small negative recorded just a tiny black speck.

Frank Walker, the park superintendent, said a park employee also reported seeing a large, dark creature walking down the hillside Thursday evening. Tony Arthur saw the creature much closer up. He and two other family members spotted the suspected Sasquatch on the hillside from the home of Moffett and Rachel Johnson.

Arthur said he and two others drove down a nearby gravel road to get closer. They spotted the creature crouched behind some bushes at the edge of the field, about a quarter mile from U.S. Highway 95.
"I'd say we were about 100 to 120 yards away. It was mostly behind the bush and it kind of crouched down." He said others were watching the creature, too, including one man who had binoculars and said what he saw was a man, "but he wouldn't let us look through the binoculars."

Arthur said he was convinced what he saw was not a man. "I'd say it had to be at least seven feet tall," he said. The animal was covered with long, shaggy dark hair, Arthur said. He and others who saw the creature said it did not appear to be a bear because it walked upright for such a long distance.

The Sunday August 9, 1992 newspaper articles mail in to Bigfoot Encounters January 8, 2003 courtesy
Marty Johnson and Jeff Deerman, Idaho State University

AP The Spokesman-Review

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