Bigfoot Encounters

Delaware County, New York near Perch lake 2002

A highly unusual Sasquatch mannerism was report by Annette B. She wrote...

"My husband and I were coming back from Margaretville, New York about thirty miles from Perch Lake; this was in 2002. My husband was driving and I was looking out the window. We passed this clearing on the river's bank and there is where we both saw a very LARGE FIGURE. My husband and I saw it clearly but he blew it off telling me it was a large man in a fur coat!? The surprising part was there was something around its waist that had a silver look to it and a knife. It was like a silver chain of some kind around the waist with a knife attached on its side. It stood about 8-9 feet tall and was covered in hair from head to toes. This is Delaware County, NY."

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