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Chehalis Sounds Identified

After receiving an e-mail message from ear-witnesses claiming to have heard and recorded more possible sasquatch vocalizations in the Harrison/Chehalis River area on April 04, 2006, at 8:37 a.m, West Coast Sasquatch Research quickly put plans into action to investigate.


I contacted the witnesses by phone and immediately headed out to their home on the Harrison River to listen to the recent recordings, and to obtain the witness's original Hi-8 tape containing the sound recordings. Upon arriving home I played the tape and as strange as it may sound, the coyotes can clearly be heard changing their vocalization patterns about midway through the newest recording. In the beginning of the current recording the coyotes go from sounding very similar to many purported sasquatch vocalizations, to more of the familiar coyote yipping sounds so often heard.

I then contacted Thomas Steenburg and Gerry Matthews and they made plans to be on the Chehalis/Harrison River flats early this morning to do follow-up investigative work on possible sasquatch activity in the immediate area.


At 9:30 a.m. precisely, while exploring along the edge of the bush-line on the flats, Thomas Steenburg and Gerry Matthews were astounded to hear the by now familiar cries called the Chehalis Sounds emanating from a pair of coyotes.


Gerry Matthews immediately called me on cell-phone while on location and explained what they had both just witnessed. Upon confirming all the important details I wrote a brief description on the Chehalis Sounds being positively identified as emanating from coyotes and posted it on the BFF.


To make a long story short, I believe that the current recordings on the Hi-8 tape that I have carefully listened too would prove beyond a shadow of doubt that coyotes are the culprits responsible for making "at least the Chehalis Sounds."

Ken Kristian

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