Bigfoot Encounters

"Tribal Bigfoot" by David Paulides
With Eyewitness Sketches by Harvey Pratt

A Review by M.K. Davis...

In his book “Tribal Bigfoot”, Dave Paulides switches the light on to a subject that has too long been in the dark. With an emphasis on Native American connections to the Sasquatch, Paulides brings back the art of the eyewitness interview that has, for so long, been neglected in favor of scientific testimonials, that confuse the reader with the complex jargon.

This book contains no fuzzy photos, but instead, contains the rendered images of Harvey Pratt, a renowned forensic artist… who rendered them from the two greatest cameras ever built, the human eye, and mind.

The combined talents of Paulides and Pratt result in the captured events in the lives of so many eyewitnesses, that an understanding of this complex subject develops, that is compelling.

Paulides is a prodigious note taker that rarely misses a thing in the huge amount of footwork that he has done for this work. The reader can actually accompany Paulides to the many and varied places that he has traveled, and feel that the experience is theirs as well.

All the testimony is accompanied by legal documents that are signed by the eyewitnesses themselves, and all sketches and artwork are signed off on as well, and that they are accurate representations of what was seen.

This is a work that I am especially appreciative of, because it has not been filtered through the bad versions of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film, but stands alone on its own merit.

I encourage anyone that is interested in this subject to, by all means; get themselves a copy of “Tribal Bigfoot” by Dave Paulides. This book will illuminate the dark places on this subject matter and make the whole subject more easily understandable.

M.K.Davis August 2009

The book can be obtained at at this address:

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