Bigfoot Encounters
Book Review:

On The Track of The Sasquatch

by John Green
5 Stars from reviewer from Florida, USA:
Reports of Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest, May 27, 2000

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Canadian newspaperman, John Green, began investigating reports of hairy, upright, apelike creatures in the late 1950's. This book was originally published in the late 1960's. Among the sightings discussed are some of the well-known, Sasquatch classics such as "The Albert Ostman story", "William Roe's sighting of a female Sasquatch on Mica Mountain in the 1950's" and other well known and lesser known sightings.

Mr. Green has personally investigated and interviewed witnesses in these cases and much more. This book provides a solid background of this subject from early sightings until the late 1960's. The Author worked with such well known investigators as Rene Dahinden, Bob Titmus, Dr Grover Krantz, and he also knew Roger Patterson. Mr. Patterson's 1967 film of a reported female Sasquatch, in Bluff Creek, California is well known through out the world. This is also discussed in this book. This is a well written introduction to this subject by one the most reputable lay persons on this mystery.

Readers are advised that Mr. Green has also written several other books on this subject subsequently, "The Year of the Sasquatch", "The Sasquatch File", and the encyclopedic, "Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us." This book is definitely one of the most important introductions to this subject, both for it's factual reporting and the amount of hands on investigation by the Author. It is a must own for anyone interested in this subject.

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