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Ray Crowe Reviews: "Know the Sasquatch"
another new book by Christopher L. Murphy October 2010...

Christopher L. Murphy came out with a new book, one that I applaud as new work of art by a master and experienced craftsman. “Know the Sasquatch Bigfoot,” an update with new info and a sequel to “Meet the Sasquatch.”  As before, the 300+ page volume is crammed with great photos and lots of graphs and comparison; pictures with numerous sidebars. I lost track of trying to count how many photos and art drawings there were.

   I see many names of friends and associates, many I haven't heard from in years; some sadly passed on… Chris hasn't left much out of the 8 X 12 book.  There are 14 chapters that define all aspects of the investigation into the Bigfoot phenomena, from tracks, nests, and sounds, to some of the latest DNA research currently in process by the North American Bigfoot Society.

   There was a part that speculated that the Sasquatch ancestors migrated from Asia to North America VIA the Beringia Land Bridge into the New World.  It portrays the creatures coming south through a gap between continental glaciers.  I don't agree with this part, thinking more of a coastal route though I could be wrong.  Recent science suggests also that access by an Atlantic route might be involved. 

   Early on, an investigation into the Native American, or First Nation, ideas and examples of Sasquatch art…several carved stone heads and feet being fascinating, and certainly ape-like.  Kathy Moskowitz Strain presents an interesting insert concerning cave pictographs found in California. I'm sorry that I've never met her.

   There is a review of early historic and classic records that is an interesting section for many and great for novices.  An early one I never heard of and the oldest that Chris recognizes, gives a good description of a Sasquatch  from an early Boston Almanac in 1785.

  For Patterson/Gimlin buffs, there is an extensive review and consolidation of all things concerning Patty…lots of photos.  Dr. Henner Fahrenbach has contributed several statistical graphs concerning physical attributes.  A lot of speculative opinions are expressed…some I agree with, others not.  Good to keep your skepticals on. Another part discusses the possibility of a possible hoax (unlikely to me). Did note the inclusion and study of the so-called “Skookum Cast,” which many still believe to be caused by other than a Sasquatch.  M.K. Davis had several interesting observations from photographic analysis.

   An interesting section concerns biographical sketches of many researchers, old and new.  Sorry to note, that some of the names are new to me. One such, Michael Rugg who has started an apparently successful museum in Felton, California, is to be congratulated.  I understand that some of the material acquired by Dave Paulides from my collection will be donated there.

   Appreciated the long bio on Bobbie Short and did note that her newsletter had 1,410 subscribers at the time of writing.  In a recent note from her, she stated that the numbers had grown substantially; she has now some 2,302 subscribers as of Oct. 28, 2010.  She was amazed at the high number of professionals, scientists, academics, law enforcement and government officials that had subscribed.

   Some space has been allotted to Sasquatch-like creatures from foreign lands.  The Almasty, Yeti, Yeran, and Yowie mainly.  Others were ignored…South America had nothing though old records record its presence.  Europe has been covered in an encyclopedia of photos of early hairy creatures by Scott White.  John Kirk did studies on the African Baka, which was mentioned in his bio.  But, Chris had his hands full with other things, so I understand the lapse.

    A really surprising section considered the paranormal, starting with the Fred Beck report on Mount Saint Helens in 1924.  It was quickly followed by researchers in the “Psychic Sasquatch” book by Kewaunee Lapseritis on the telepathic abilities of the Sasquatch.  A recent postcard from him indicates he has almost completed another book.

   In conclusion, Chris states that the Patterson film remains the “gold-standard” in the investigation of the Sasquatch phenomena.  He does point out though that other avenues have been examined… It comes to mind the many miles on miles of track-ways that have been found and examined. 

There are also many thousands of reports, that more hardly seem necessary. And Russ Kinne reports from a fly-over of western forests, that it would be possible to hide a herd of elephants in the region.

  A final paragraph speculates on what would happen if the Sasquatch is confirmed as a new species. Speculations, imply that the Sasquatch might be closely related to humans, and there would be a great many scientists doing an about-face, with probably egg on their face's, as biologists come to terms with the addition of the next “Great Ape” to the menagerie.

   Order from Hancock Publishing at $34.95. ISBN 978-0-88839-657-0

Ray Crowe, Hillsboro, Oregon
October 2010

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