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BOOK REVIEW by Craig Heinselman

Bigfoot Sasquatch, Evidence
By the late Dr. Grover S. Krantz

In actuality this is a 2nd edition to Dr. Krantz's Big Footprints (Johnson Books; Boulder, CO, 1992), with some slight revisions and an addendum. However, the main portion of the book is the exact text of the 1992 version right down to the pagination and indents. So both the 1999 and 1992 books corroborate each other (a random sampling of 50 pages from each book was compared and no variation was detected). As such, the review deals with the inclusion of an addendum to this 2nd edition book, and not the main book itself. The reasoning for this is straightforward as to why, the 1992 book was a strong and compelling analysis of dynamics and theories on locomotion of Bigfoot, as well as a perspective on the search for these creatures through the eyes and mind of a skilled anthropologist.

In Krantz's addendum (pages 293 through 338) corrections to small factual or typographical errors are noted. But, more to the point added information both for and against his theories are included. This is not to say some of these notes are not without a sly bit of humor in them. One of the more interesting inclusions is the addendum to chapter 2 of the book (Big Footprints) in which Dr. Jeff Meldrum's evaluation of locomotion is looked at, and a corresponding illustration of this locomotion in relation to the midtardal joint by Meldrum is shown. This treatment shows a varied analysis that closely matched Krantz's results, but performed in a different manner.

Additional information regarding his estimation of height from the subject in the Patterson-Gimlin Film is also presented. This is shown in comparison to results achieved by Jeff Glickman in the 1997 NASI report as well as by Rene Dahinden. Further information is also given as to why Bernard Heuvelmans felt the film was not of an authentic Bigfoot, including an extract from a 1968 letter by Heuvelmans. Though curiously there is little comment on the rash of new hoax claims, aside from a short treatment of the John Chambers incident wherein Loren Coleman is mentioned as reporting on the incident, with no credit given to Bobbie Short who actualloy interviewed Chambers in Los Angeles in October of 1996.

Various other areas are of interest as well. There is a discussion of several reported carcasses or skeletons of possible Bigfoot being reported. However, Krantz's evaluation shows these where not from a Bigfoot. The cases looked at where of a skull in 1971. This turned out to be from a newborn horse suffering from hydroencephaly.

Another report was cleared up with the help of Bob Titmus, wherein a photo of a dead creature that appeared initially to show physical characteristics of a primate turned out to be of an inverted and skinned bear.

The final skeletal case involves a classic case in Hominology, that of "Smokey" Crabtree and the Fouke Monster from Fouke, Arkansas. In this case Krantz reports he traveled to Fouke in 1994 to view the reported skeleton (though not necessarily claimed to be of a Bigfoot type creature). His evaluation deemed this skeleton to be of a large lion. Krantz also deals with reports from around the world based on his first hand (through translators) interviews as well as meetings with internationally Hominologists in Russia, China, and elsewhere.

In essence Krantz has maintained the same level integrity his original work had. The added addendum only adds to the flavor, and brings new information to light that was either left out of the original work, or glanced upon only. For anyone who did not read the 1992 version of this book or has not been able to obtain a copy for themselves, this 2nd edition by Hancock House is an essential addition to a home library.

BOOK REVIEW by Craig Heinselman
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